Was There an Atlantis? Report (Assessment)

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

The subject I decided to research for the paper is the mystery of Atlantis. Several different Social Sciences mention it – among them, there are history, geography, culture, and literature of grades K through 8. From what I noticed, in the TEKS, this subject is described in quite a neutral way. The authors provided detailed information about Atlantis, its possible location, its story, its description, who first mentioned it, why it disappeared, and if there are any records about it found by the scientists or historians of the world. People have always been fascinated by mysterious events, myths, and legends. This is why I think telling children more about such events is very useful – such information has a high chance of attracting the children’s interest in the subject and the lesson in general.

The information about Atlantis presented in the TEKS is very objective. It is visible from the way the text is written. There are no subjective characteristics or definite opinions written about this topic, only the historical facts without any personal evaluation are present. To my mind, this gives the children a chance to think about the topic and form their own points of view on this subject.

I think the position of the TEKS is correct – the answer to the question of whether Atlantis was real or not still remains unknown. There are no certain scientific proofs to base an opinion on; this is why each student has to decide on their own if they want to believe this legend or treat it as a fairytale.

The amount of information given by the TEKS authors about Atlantis is sufficient. It is enough to give the students a clear, detailed idea of the subject and educate them about this matter. It is enough to catch the students’ interest and attract them to this topic. The ones that are particularly interested are free to do their own research and find more information about Atlantis. It is well known that children are especially interested in myths and mysteries. Researching legends, guesses, and theories are going to keep them excited and keen on the process of learning.

In the book by Davis, the mystery of Atlantis is shown in a much more scientific way, it reveals a deeper view on the subject. Davis talks about different versions about where Atlantis really was and what was the reason for its sudden vanishing.

Davis even talks about the possible date of Atlantis’ disappearance and the cataclysm that erased a magnificently developed civilization from our planet. Information presented by Davis and the TEKS is different; they speak about different versions. The TEKS mentions the idea about Atlantis being populated by an alien nation, and Davis tells about the island of Thera that was suddenly and tragically destroyed by an eruption of a volcano.

I agree with the information Davis presents. It describes the mystery of Atlantis in several different aspects and encourages the readers to think this subject over and shape an opinion about this truly interesting and captivating legend. The subject has been really popular throughout the generations; it has served as the base for many fictional stories, so nowadays, everyone has faced some aspects of this mystery at least once, this is why it is only useful to be familiar with the scientific and official information about Atlantis.

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