War and Peace as a One of Providing Work of Literature

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Leo Tolstoy

“The strangest of all warriors are these two- time and patience.” Leo Tolstoy wrote in his infamous story War and Peace. This is an explanation that in war not all assets are physical; sometimes soldiers have to wait and think about their actions which are what Leo Tolstoy did on the battlefield. His thoughts let to the beginning of his works, where he wrote about the meaning of life when such methods of realistic writings were distant in his era.

Leo Tolstoy’s book War and Peace is now considered to be one of the utmost novels of realistic fiction (Victor, Handbook). Tolstoy grew up with a fondness for literature, he had an unsuccessful career as a student and decided to leave the university without a degree and join his brother in the army. There, he begins writing his brilliant novel. He began writing War and Peace in 1862, with 6 volumes of writings published between 1863 and 1869 (Columbia, Encyclopedia). When this epic was finished, Tolstoy had a great deal of backlash from the critics. The novel was so different than others at the time (Live, MAUDE), most readers did not deliberate it as such. Tolstoy himself considered Anna Karenina (1878) his first attempt at a novel in the European era. Only later on did critics (Columbia, Encyclopedia) actually consider War and Peace to be the fantastic book that it is.

Born August 28, 1828 in Russia, he belonged to an honorable Russian family and was the fourth of five kids. Leo Tolstoy grew up educated and cared for (Victor, Handbook). But, became an orphan at nine years old and he was raised by his aunts and uncles. At 16 he was directed to the university where he studied languages and law (Columbia, Encyclopedia). After two years and a unsuccessful student career Tolstoy moved towards drinking visiting gambling halls putting him in a heavy debt. Soon he realized that it wasn’t the real him (Famous). Soon after he went back to attempt exams at the University but ended up dropping out so he could join his brother in the Russian Revolutionary. After the war and the start of his epic, Tolstoy married Sonya, 16 years you get than him. The two had 13 children, five died at an early age Leo Tolstoy grew up educated and cared for (Victor, Handbook). Tolstoy’s wife doubled as his secretary, proofreader, and his financial manager. Their early marriage was extremely happy. However, the relationship with his wife turned worse as he became increasingly radical to the point where he didn’t care about money.

In 1901, Tolstoy was nominated for the Nobel Prize, but was rejected. Tolstoy said he didn’t mind because “It saves me from the painful necessity of dealing in some way with money- generally regarded as very necessary and useful but which I regarded as a source of every kind of evil.” (Nobel) This displays that Tolstoy became more corrupt as his career lead on. In the beginning he was very happy with his wife but later on went crazy and started to not care about money or other necessities. The only thing that Tolstoy cared about was his writings, what he was very involved in.

Leo Tolstoy was a moral thinker. He had exceedingly moralistic views but later in life, became a Christian anarchist. His nonviolent views towards life had been expressed in his book War and Peace. Although the book was fiction, it shows features of Tolstoy’s life and experiences through his writing. His experience through war and as a child was expressed in this epic. He expressed his imagination to explain birth, love, and death. As he asks many questions and explores several possibilities of answers (Victor, Handbook).

Leo Tolstoy as a child had a very rough life. He grew up with lots of brothers and sisters but was in a very elaborate home. He became the moralistic thinker that he known for at a young age. As others were thinking of playing on the swing set, Tolstoy was thinking about the meaning of life and why death exists (Victor, Handbook). Thinking about the meaning of life troubled Tolstoy throughout his years. Only at the war in his defensive state, where he was most vulnerable, did he begin to put his thoughts on paper.

Leo Tolstoy was an overwhelming writer. In his time he went against all others and wrote about things he believed in. Tolstoy changed after he wrote his book. He became more and more depressed thinking about the meaning of life. The meaning of life is thinking outside the box, and in his time Tolstoy was alone in his thoughts. He had no one to help him, and no one to collaborate with leading to him demise. Leo Tolstoy died November 7, 1910 at the age of 82 from pneumonia (Leo).

Overall, Leo Tolstoy was a novelist in the Russian Revolution ear, writing about the slight things in life that people today overlook. He wrote the supreme moralistic book, War and Peace. A great rebel in his time, against the government and literacy tradition, giving exact descriptions of what the social life is all about. Bringing up many questions and answers to the meaning of life, when the vision of a fiction novel was contrary to the literacy politics at his time, Leo Tolstoy was a Philosopher.

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