Utopia and War

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

Before you can understand why we couldn’t be a Utopian society or world, you must understand what a Utopia is. A Utopia is a place or time where there are no problems or conflicts. The topic Utopia falls into a few different categories.

Scientific and Technological Utopias are when technology can do anything a human can and more, it will easily take up the hard jobs and then humans wouldn’t have to work so hard. Humans may only have to work as mechanics to fix the machines, but most likely the machines could fix themselves.

Spiritual Utopias are when humans have stopped worrying about how their body looks and realize that they only have their spiritual form in the afterlife. It will bring spiritual peace and could often have a religious effect, that is if all religions get along with each other, all religions merge into one big religion and worship one or more gods, or religion is abolished. It could also have a cultural effect leaving all cultures to get along or even merge into one as well. Merging cultures would take time and effort but I believe it can be done by sharing cultures and merging it all together, finding a way to weave it all together.

Political Utopias is when we finally reached world peace, and the abolishment of all racial, gender, and cultural stereotypes. This is when world peace comes into play and when war is no longer a thing and we would have either one person/government rules over everything or the government no longer exists.

Economic Utopias would be when everyone has equal distribution of goods such as food, clothes, and water. This would abolish forced labor and all currency as we know it. Society would enjoy the arts, science, and individualism more. Efforts to improve life are voluntary and there would be no such thing as personal profit.

Ecological Utopias would be when humanity becomes closer to nature. This means that all humans would respect and protect the plants. Normally Ecological Utopias are marked by a strong message that is along the lines of unity with nature, both internal and external. This would lead to less pollution, cleaner and fresher air and water, and it would lead to a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

Now that you know the different types of Utopias and what they are, let me explain the opposite of it. A dystopia is the opposite of a Utopia, it is when things go terribly wrong and can lead to mass destruction, war, or even just manipulation by the government/leader, or taken over by robots. This is the reason we are close, if not already a dystopian world.

Protesting is a major problem in America, while some people think it is right some think it is wrong. People protest about animals, food, jobs, and schools and this causes many conflicts because people do not think about how the person on the other side might feel or their reasonings behind their belief.

Conflicts happen all the time and could be in protesting, presidential elections, or even small meaningless things such as not replying to someone after reading their message. Conflicts not only ruin our nation, but it also causes problems around the world. Presidents not getting along with each other could cause a war at any given time.

War is also a major thing going on around the world. Between North Korea, Iraq, and America there is a great risk of no survival. This poses a great threat to the rest of the world because not only will humanity end or have only a little bit of the population left, but the radioactive chemicals within the bombs will cause mutations or even death to those infected. War is also causing major debt and destruction of entire towns, cities, or sometimes even countries. We are killing off our own kind because of conflicts and our stereotypes towards other people.

Stereotypes is a problem faced by everyone as well, whether it is towards gender, race, sexuality, culture, where we are from or even our age. Humans will see someone and get a prejudice stereotype even if they don’t think about it. When you see a teenager with a phone you might think it is normal behavior and that they never remove their faces from their electronics. This is wrong sometimes because they could be keeping updated with a family member who is ill or maybe having a baby. We also see people of other cultures this way and we don’t even try to. Stereotypes are put on people who are different than oneself and it can’t be changed. It is how we first see someone who isn’t like us and our idea of how they act could be completely wrong.

Anxiety levels in teenagers are the same as a mental hospital in the 50’s, many people face depression and addiction problems, and it can all lead back to technology and trends. Many trends cause people to feel pressured to do something so that they can be pretty or cool to today’s standards. Video games could lead to lack of motivation to do something or losing interests in something that once caused them happiness and joy to do something the person once enjoyed.

All of these could possibly be attributes of an oncoming or current Dystopian society. Prejudice, hatred, conflicts, over powered government, and war. Humanity has become greedy and they keep wanting more than what they already have. War is plaguing the world as world war three could be around the corner and sneak up on humanity. Changes are going to be made and it is now inevitable.

For changes to be made in a positive way, things must change, and it needs to change soon because some of the problems could take anywhere from a year to several years. Leaders around the globe need to come together and figure out how to get along, we need to find a place to dispose of our current waste and learn how to become more environmentally safe. We also need to find a way to make everyone happy and then maybe crime rates will go down, less conflicts.

While people might not realize the need for a change, and it is needed soon, things could go downhill, and we might not be able to register what is happening until humanity is at its lowest point and unable to rebuild itself. The fact it could happen within the span of years is not surprising to some given that we are already at the neutral stage within a scale from Utopia and Dystopia. We are leaning more towards a neutral Dystopia which is when no one realizes things are going horribly wrong, all they know is that something is happening in the world around them that may be bad, but they think it won’t harm or affect them. This could be proven wrong within a few years because we are causing pollution, we are being more materialistic, and protesting and causing conflicts if we do not agree with something.

Social media and the internet may be a start to this neutral Dystopia, but it is not the entire cause of it. To fall into the category of a dystopian society you must think of causes that could be factoring in this negative society. War, protesting, technology, stereotypes, and greed are all factors to this blooming dystopia and at the point we are at right now we could try to fix many of the easier problems, but it doesn’t mean it will last. Problems are never truly fixed forever, you will always have heartbreaks, betrayal, and hidden feelings. Your roof will need to be fixed and replaced no matter what. Problems never truly disappear because of natural disasters, weather, people have trust for other people.

Certain practices that we use during farming (agriculture) and how we discard our waste causes pollution, leading to a shocking increase of worldwide natural disasters. In 1940 the recorded natural disasters reported 17 natural disasters worldwide, this was the highest recorded amount of natural disasters since the year 1900. Go forward in time to the year 2005 and the recorded natural disasters worldwide reported 432 natural disasters. Recording Natural disasters worldwide would have been harder back in the early 1900’s because they did not have technology to communicate to researchers in different continents of the world. The cause of the sudden increase of natural disasters could also be caused by the practice’s society does with agriculture and our industrial waste.

Natural disasters stray us farther from the perfect society we aspire to have. This would fall into the ecological dystopia. We are abusing our privileges to use natural resources and therefor growing farther away from nature. The way society treat’s the earth and how people treat another people affect the world in way more ways than one.

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