Use Of Themes in Gulliver’s Travels

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The book Gulliver’s Travel has a lot of themes. There are 3 themes in the book that are like the major and important in the book. So, what are the themes in the book? The 3 themes that are important and appropriate for the book Gulliver’s travel are working abroad, society and learning new language. So why are the 3 themes important? Firstly, working abroad. Working abroad is like the most important theme the book and it is also like the main idea in the book. Gulliver want to find a job abroad and he wants to work on ships as a surgeon. He wants to travel the world and wants to finds a job that he doesn’t want to do at his country. For example, ” I was surgeon successively in two ships, and made several voyages, for six years”.

This quote in when he works as a surgeon for 2 ships and made a lot of voyages for six years, It states that he works abroad successfully on ship and travel the world to heal people in needed. This is also a thing in real life and a lot of people wants to have a job that is in another country. People think it is more interesting and more fun to have a job in another country because people think it better to have a job and also get to travel the world and explore new things. The most common job is teacher, a lot of people in the world right now wants to teach in other countries. While teaching abroad, they can still travel, have new experiences living in a new country with new people and explore that country. Gulliver also get to travel to other country, he travels to Lilliput, Laputa and other countries and he gets to explore new things. While traveling, there are a lot of good thing and some struggles while traveling like the government. Secondly, the society. In the book Gulliver’s travel. When Gulliver at Lilliput and other places, he see a lot of kings and organized. He also have a lot of conflict with some of the countries he went like Lilliput ” I lay all this while, as the reader may believe, in great uneasiness; at length, struggling to get loose”. This quote shows that when Gulliver got on Lilliput and got captured by Lilliputians. In real life, there are a lot of situations like this. Tourists goes to somewhere and got detained for a period of time because of doing bad stuff.

For example like a college student who got detained in North Korea for stealing a poster and died after a day he got released back to America. So he is like Gulliver because they both get arrest in a new country that they went to travel. And both of the countries have organized system of society. The most common struggles tourists get while travelling to communicate with your surroundings. Studying a little of the language that is in your country is a big advantage while you are in a new country. If you are able to speak a little bit it is a good thing. Third and the final theme is learning a new language. Learning a new language that the country you are form in an advantage because you can easily communicate with someone. It is better than knowing nothing. “that six of his majesty’s greatest scholars should be employed to instruct me in their language”, “All these orders were duly put in execution; and in about three weeks I made a great progress in learning their language”.

At first, he doesn’t know anything when he first come to Lilliput. But after a while, he was able to speak and understand that the Lilliputian talk. He been teach by the scholars and now he can understand and being able to communicate. This is like in real life, a lot of tourists doesn’t know the language of a country they are in so they basically can’t communicate with the people. So studying a bit of a language of a country they are in is an advantage. You can communicate for emergency and to be able to talk to other people. In conclusion, there are 3 important themes in the book Gulliver’s travel. working abroad, society and learning new language. And they are important in a lot of ways.

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