Ursula K Le Guin

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Ursula K Le Guin was born in 1929 in Berkeley, California. She struggled initially to be publisher. Her first three novels, Rocannon’s World, Planet of Exile and City of Illusions, made everyone realize her talents as a newer writer. Nearly 40 years later in 2008, Ursula books became well known. She was also known for her popular Earthsea fantasy series. Ursula has written essays on fantasy fiction and feminist issues as well, and was awarded the Living Legend Medal by the Library of Congress. She wasn’t always famous, a newer publisher has it hard in the beginning, not being able to become famous quickly, she quickly turned to the genres which includes science fiction and fantasy. In 1969 she published the famous book called “The Left Hand of Darkness, which was the fourth book of the Hainish Cycle after Planet of Exile and City of Illusions, which became one of Ursula Le Guin’s most best written and famous works. It was about an alien race who have no openly known gender characteristic until mating which occurs each month. The novel also clinging the social conflicts of two nations. The Left Hand of darkness eventually won both the Nebula and Hugo awards. The Left hand of darkness is a science fiction novel, the setting and context takes place on a freezing planet called gethen. It filled with alien and resides in two cities called karhide and orgoreyn. The book and story are told in first person point of view.

Throughout the book the tone and mood are was more playful and gives the reader something to laugh or smile to. The main protagonist was an alien named “ Genly Ai” and the main antagonist was a king of the name “ Karhideargaven”. Throughout the book the biggest major conflict is the union of the planets and it caused a misunderstanding between all planets. Things started getting hot in the book when a war started between the cities of “Karhide” and “orgoreyn”. The main foreshadowing predicts the future life of the king argaven. In the beginning of the novel king Argaven is the ruler and he doesn’t care about his country. Many people of his country didn’t respect him because of the lack of respect he gave to his cities. The book is recounted by Genly Ai and Estraven in turn. Henry Ai prepares to meet Estraven. Estraven gives him a piece of advice to be courage, but Ai doesn’t believe, and he then cannot decide whether to treat Estraven as a man or a woman.

Argaven refuses Karhide to enter to the whole habitable globe, dispenses Estraven form the portfolio and gives the order to arrest and execute him, but he grants a delay that Estraven will be able to escape to Orgoreyn.Genly gets to know about Estraven’s expulsion, but it doesn’t matter. He travels with Karhide and stops at the castle, which is a home of monks, who can provide the accurate and correct answer to any question. Genly asks the oracle if he will be a member of the whole habitable globe. Genly finds that Argaven is pregnant. Meanwhile, Estraven leaves Karhide. Along the way, his ex-partner Estre finds him. Estre tries to give Estraven money, being exposed to danger. Estraven doesn’t want to expose Estre to danger and feels his fault for the indifferent love to Estre. He decides to go to Orgoreyn.Genly Ai applies to do to Orgoreyn. Estre visits him and gives a huge sum of money for Estraven. Genly gives Estraven money, but he doesn’t trust him and tries to avoid the meeting with Estre. Estraven understands that Genly is in danger. Karhide and Orgoreyn prepare for a war.

The secret police decide to arrest Genly as a spy and sends him to a concentration camp. When Estraven gets to know about it, he decides to rescue Genly and send him back to Karhide. In their conditions, it means that they will need to go together through the glacier in the winter. Estraven kidnaps him and takes away to safety. The war begins between Karhide and Orgoreyn. Genly begins to trust Estraven, but he doesn’t understand his motives. Genly offers Estraven to teach him the language of thoughts, which gives no opportunity to lie. Genly speaks this langue and he is positive of his truthfulness. Genly gives him few lessons. During lessons Estraven hears the voice of Genly as the voice of his lost brother and lover Are. Genly and Estraven become closer, but Estraven’s character is a mystery for Genly.Estraven and Genly together go through the glacier.

Estraven advises Genly to call for help other members of the mission who are on a spaceship. In this case, Argaven will be forced to hand in application to join the whole habitable globe. Genly agrees. Estraven leads Genly up to his friend. Henley sends a signal to the ship. Estraven’s friend transmits the information about Estraven to people. Estraven knows about it and tries to cross the border with Orgoreyn. Border guards arrest Genly and kill Orgoreyn. As Estraven predicts, driven into a corner Argaven agrees to have a diplomatic meeting with representatives of the whole habitable globe, but fails to rehabilitate Estraven. Genly doesn’t insist. He visits Estraven’s clan to pass his diaries there and talk about the last months of his life. He meets with mother and Estraven’s child and brother Arek. They then talk and soon the war dies down because of the change in government.

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