United States Declaration of Independence

July 31, 2020 by Essay Writer

The Declaration of Independence was an important document written by the second Continental Congress. It inspired a revolution against England, the Mother country. It also made a new unified nation now called the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence was a statement saying to Great Britain that they were no longer under their rule and that they were independent colonies. The colonies felt they were treated unfairly by the Intolerable Acts and wanted freedom from England. Three other acts by Parliament that provoked heated protest from the colonists were the Stamp Act, the Townshend Act, and the Tea Act. The Declaration said that America has the right to overthrow any government that they feel is treating them unfairly, and stated the reasons why they thought the British government treated them unfairly. The three most influential people in writing the Declaration of Independence were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams. Benjamin Franklin was the oldest author of the Declaration and was one of the most influential and respected of the group. Thomas Jefferson was the person who actually wrote the Declaration and was the most gifted writer in the group. John Adams was considered the boldest and most fearless in debate and made many enemies with the loyal British and some fence sitters, the people undecided. Benjamin Franklin also inserted his now famous phrase self-evident into the Declaration while crossing out sacred and undeniable. The Continental Congress also edited about one fourth of Jefferson’s writing, altering more than eighty changes speaking against the king. They also took the paragraph about abolishing slavery out of his declaration. Overall, Thomas Jefferson was unhappy about all of the mutilations to his writing. It took Thomas Jefferson seventeen days to write the Declaration of Independence. He also worked late in the night.There was no stoppage of the writing besides Jefferson’s long walks, sleep, and eating. While he was writing or working on the Declaration, he always stood up. He also used a portable desk and a goose ink quill to write. While writing the Declaration of Independence Thomas took long walks. When he was on these walks he also thought of what to change on the paper. Benjamin Franklin and John Adams sometimes went with Thomas on these walks, but could never keep up because he walked so fast. Thomas also went to John Adams and Benjamin for help with peer editing. John Adams was important to make the Declaration of Independence a real thing because he gave a very long and inspirational speech that aroused the second Continental Congress to vote for independence. The Congress was so moved by this speech that they then asked John Adams to repeat his speech. He accepted the request and the revised one was so powerful with thought and expression, that it moved the Congress from their seats. The Declaration of Independence was an important document written by the Second Continental Congress. It was important to the founding of our country because it inspired revolution against England, making the colonies of England now the United Colonies of America. Making a revolution against England was important because if we didn’t, we would still be under England’s control and subjugation.

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