Understanding Movies

July 30, 2020 by Essay Writer

‘Understanding movies’ was the most interesting class which I have ever taken. People expect many advantages from taking various classes. Some people want to take a sports class to have fun while other people like a science class to enlarge their knowledge. In my case, I could get both entertainment and knowledge form the movie class. Through the use of a couple of examples and specific explanation, I will demonstrate why I liked the movie class most. First, ‘Understanding movies’ was enjoyable. School life was always stressful. Whenever I was sick and tired of my major classes such as math, economics and so on, I could relax myself in the movie class. One day, I was so stressed out because I failed a quiz in my math class. But the movie class showed ‘Dead poet’s society’, which gave me a lesson. While I saw some young high school students trying to find the real value of lives, my stress had done away. Movie class entertained me whenever I felt bad during my university days. Second, the movie class allowed me to have much valuable knowledge. In the movies, there are so many kinds of people, history and culture. When I saw the movie, ‘Modern times’ by Charlie Chaplin, I could learn the situation of the United States in the early nineteenth century. Before I saw the movie, I did not know what exactly happened during The Great Depression in the U. S.. The movie class was one of the best sources of my knowledge. I really loved that movie class not only it was enjoyable but also it enlarged my knowledge. Since I found some advantages of watching movies, I have seen so many films that changed my major to film making. I hope that I can take one more chance to attend a movie class in the Unite States. The movie class was the most exciting class

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