Uncle Tom’s Cabin Book Review: A Pledge for Society to Wake Up

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Uncle Tom’s Cabin tells about the problem occurred in late 1700s that change the way of living of most American citizen. Before, the United States of America was making progress throughout the Industrial Age, and manpower among with the other factors that grant the industry is vital during that time. Slavery in late 1700s played an integral role in the development of the modern world economy. Slaves provided the labor power necessary to settle and develop the New World.

The slaves during that time were the Africans and African Americans who were brought to the land of America to be sold in the slave markets in most states of America. There are wide purposes for slavery but the most common were the labor power. Labor power gives a boost to industries and power plants of products such as cotton products. Slaves in some factories often treated inhumane due to that time slaves were treated like an object rather than a person. Other purpose for slavery is for personal slaves such as assistant or servant. This often leads to racism across the American land and create such great social issue to African people.

The story was based on the slavery occurred in the America that gives a great impact to what is today’s America. This leads to historical/cultural type of criticism due to the fact that Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote it during the time were slavery are still exist. Slavery was part of the American history that changes to what a nation we see today. Even the slavery ended in 1865 where black people gained their freedom, racism still exist in the following years. Black people were free but often separated from the society due to the racism that still existing.

The story was written by Stowe for the purpose of awakening the society on how inhumane slavery was. Although written by a magazine writer, it gained popularity across the country and cause a great impact in society. The book had caused an impact that gives the abolitionist of slavery a push to end the slavery. Although Harriet Beecher Stowe is not a victim of slavery, still she chose to write what is good for his fellow human. This gives her a credit on the acts she did in the midst of slavery.

The critics nevertheless labor under the handicap that they are regarded upon as no more than mediators between writers and public. Essentially the allegation against them is that they are only interpreters and experts of books. In other hand, modern criticism oppose the criticism which Uncle Tom’s Cabin belong. Modern criticism is often influenced by literatures, which occurred in the modern days. This opposes the criticism in which the book belongs simply because the Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written and happened at the same time were slavery is occurring. Modern criticism related literatures were often magazines and newspaper in which gives about modern related topics.

While historical/cultural criticism often aims on the literatures of the past that has great impact on what is today. The story Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe caused a wide effect on the American society which gives the story a place in historical/cultural criticism. The story also talks about slavery which became a great African-American culture during late 1700s. In brief, Uncle Tom’s Cabin were a piece of literature totally belongs to historical/cultural criticism.


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