Traveling: Where the Road May Take You? Essay

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Updated: Mar 18th, 2021

Travel Writer Tell-All

A Travel Writer Tell-All is a new travel writer subgenre, in which writers lists the failures that they had to face in the course of traveling because of the lack of information concerning a particular country’s traditions and accepted behavior. The given phenomenon, however, also includes descriptions of the phenomena that writers found absurd, unacceptable, or despicable, yet which were considered a norm in the country of the writers’ visit. Often prone to considerable controversy, the given genre may entail accusations of the writer telling lies for the sake of their books’ popularity. (Source: Wilson, Jason. “Foreword.” The Best American Travel Writing 2008. Ed. Anthony Bourdain. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008. ix–xii. Print.).

Travel writer

A travel writer is a person who does not simply look for a new place to visit but is in a constant search for the place where they can belong. Such writers seem to be willing to find their place under the sun by trying to locate themselves in the environment that is in constant motion. Thus, traveling changes the writer, just like time changes the environment, and these alterations can be seen both as positive and negative. Traveling keeps the writer away from his friends and family; however, traveling also can give a plethora of priceless impressions, which will be translated into another book.

Chinese breakfast

Chinese breakfast is a meal that includes a bowl of rice porridge, which is also known as congee, and a deep-fried cruller. Sometimes, a Chinese breakfast will include several pork buns. While considered by several tourists an exotic dish that is worth a try, this meal is quite low on calories and, thus, can hardly suffice for a nourishing breakfast. For the most part, tourists traveling through China rarely enjoy anything more substantial than a piece of cold ham, a loaf of bread and a glass of milk or a cup of coffee.


Bellicosity is a state of being at daggers with someone, or a character trait, which presupposes that its owner feels like competing with the people around. Speaking of travelers, bellicosity can be interpreted as travelers’ inclination to boasting, which often borders complaining, or vice versa. For example, a seemingly terrifying story about visiting the most God-awful place ever visited can turn out a boastful attempt to show the traveler’s experience and, hence, the superiority of the traveler in question among the rest of the travelers. However, no matter whether they are telling about a beautiful or a terrible place to visit, such people always mention that their experience was a cultural and spiritual enrichment.

American travel writing

American travel writing is a genre that is supposed to discuss a range of questions regarding the definition of the nature of travel. While the given genre has been interpreted as a hardly identifiable one, its existence in the XXI-century literature cannot be ignored. American travel writing is closely related to the concept of “Americanness,” therefore, including a political edge into the analysis of cross-cultural exchange.

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