Tough Choices: A Memoir Essay (Book Review)

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Craly Fiorina is one of the most celebrated women in the world. She strived tactically to achieve her business and political objectives. Notably, she vied for Californian Senate seat with a Republican ticket in 2009. Additionally, she was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (1999-2005), AT&T, and HP. She has also been a member of the Board of Directors governing institutions.

Academically, she commenced her studies as a law student in UCLA; however, she dropped out (as a key strategy) to serve as a receptionist for 6 months at Marcus & Millichap (a real-estate corporation). Notably, she began to explore viable market opportunities.

“Her determination earned her a presidential title” (Anders 45). In this context, she was considered the president of Hewlett-Packard Technological Company. Fiorina’s success rested mainly on her ambitions, determination, patience, well-structured strategies, passion, and discipline in the realms of entrepreneurship. This is a critical provision when considered comprehensively.

Being an ambitious business lady, Fiorina sacrificed a lot of things to achieve her dreams. This incorporated her educational career among other social provisions. At a given point in her career, she dropped out to use the remaining part of her studies to set up her businesses (Fiorina, 33).

However, this required a lot of capital, which she could not afford as at then. She decided to seek employment in one of the established business corporations named AT&T where she served as a receptionist. Later, due to her hard work and experience, she was promoted to assume the roles of a sales representative.

Strategically, Fiorina decided to further her studies in philosophy and medieval history. She jumped from one job to another (HP, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Cybertrust, and Lucent). This equipped her with a lot of leadership and management experiences, which she later used to manage the previously mentioned organizations. Another factor that might have led to Fiorina’s success was the media.

The media contributed in making Fiorina famous. This was due to her hard work and determination. “The media displayed her positive attributes to the general public” (Fiorina 92). This was a critical provision in the context of success.

Apart from managing her own business, she developed interest in technology, networking, and other business provisions. She devoted part of her time in the building quarters; governing the Hewlett-Packard networking company. According to her, success cannot be achieved singly. It is important to connect with others. Concurrently, one has to diversify or look for other alternatives.

It is vital to understand the success provisions of Fiorina as indicated earlier. Today, Fiorina has stood out to be one of the successful women around the globe. She is an inspiration to most women. Fiorina is still determined to achieve some of her dreams even though they are now advanced.

“She believes that after an individual has achieved some of his or her dreams, it is vital to advance further” (Fiorina, 67). In one of the conferences (in the U.S.), Fiorina gave out a speech to motivate the upcoming business persons.

Currently, Fiorina is determined to ensure technological networking around the globe. Apart from this, she also helps business and charitable organizations to achieve their aims and objectives. “Being a networking manager at Hewlett-Pakard, she has subsidized the cost of business networking provisions” (Fiorina 56). This has helped the upcoming business persons or merchants to boost their businesses.

This indicates that Fiorina is team player in the realms of business. Precisely, some of the key factors that led to Fiorina’s success included determination, diversification, hard work, and sacrifice. Without these, Fiorina could not have achieved some of her dreams.

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