Thumbs Up or Down on Shakespeare

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

Shakespeare is famous for variety of good reasons. He is a clever writer who presented his works with depth and purpose. He deserves all the thumbs up he could possibly get. Here are three reasons for those thumbs ups. First, like what I’ve pointed out earlier, his works were cleverly written and very deep in some extent. They point moral lessons that shout the pros and cons of assortment of actions letting the readers to be mindful of the meaning behind each act.

In Othello, for example, you would think that it has a racist theme, but if you look closely, you will see that it condones racism.

Second, through his works, we had a glimpse to the times that passed long before we were born and also, long before he was born. His Work the Tragedy of Julius Caesar somewhat described the way of life in times of the Roman Empire. This particular work painstakingly explained the mechanism of a long-lost time.

Third reason for thumbs up is that his passion in writing can be seen in his works. Passion is hard to translate through words, but it clearly manifested in every play he created. What could better explain the depth of how he portrayed his characters?

Although Shakespeare can be described as a genius, he still earned a list of drawbacks. My first reason for his thumbs down is the fact that he had never published any of his works and if isn’t for his friends, we might have lost all of his wonderful works. Because of this, many are convinced that other writers like Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, and Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, wrote some of his stories. Second, most of his plays contain suicidal scenes, and of course, most of his protagonists died; the list includes Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and so on.

I once read in some article that because of Shakespeare’s big influence of the way of thinking in the Romantic era, the suicidal incidence increased dramatically. Third, I really like his portrayal of the past but sometimes I find his histories quite dry and difficult to understand; they are really tough going especially for average of the students. I’m totally convinced that Shakespeare deserves all the thumbs up he could possibly get. Although I had pointed out some negatives about him and his works, they do not really weigh much for me.

For example, the fact that he didn’t publish any of his works doesn’t prove that he is an incompetent writer. Aristotle and Confucius have the same record, and they’re still famous. Also I love the way Shakespeare used humor inside the Tragedy of Julius Caesar; it proves how witty he was, which is a very plus factor for me. And more importantly, his suicidal themes made his works a lot more controversial but all of these have deeper meaning that made readers look beyond the act.

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