Thoreau’S “Walden” Simply Things Are Priceless

November 2, 2020 by Essay Writer

In Thoreau’s story “Walden” he is trying to get the message across to the reader that it doesn’t take a lot to live a good life. A good life can be acquired with the simple things that surrounds us every day. He points out that nature that we live with daily can supply all the necessities we need. Simplicity is the key. Thoreau stated, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand;” (pp748). Happiness does not come with having a lot of wealth and fame but being able to feel contentment within. Life is a blessing, and it ought to be dealt with in that capacity. Individuals these days tend to disregard the basic joys that life gives us. We tend to over-confound our lives because of apparently every day battles that we stress excessively over.

When we put cash and belonging first, we dismiss our needs and dismiss life’s actual reason. Life is a limited time span, however as mentioned before, it is a blessing, and it ought to be dealt with in that capacity. We live in a public that organizes cash over our very own satisfaction now and again. While Thoreau lived in the woods, he realized that living a simply life did not take much money, sometimes none at all, when he could get the things he needed to survive from nature. The things in nature we live with every day and take for granted due to having the power to buy those things we think that will make our living in this society easy.

There are a lot of contents in the story “Walden” that illustrates that money is not a requirement to acquire any necessities of the soul. God created a lot of resources for mankind to use for the good of the body and soul. Many have used these things for years, as Thoreau did, without the aid of currency. Thoreau wanted his readers to realized being true to yourself, which is a good nourishment for the soul, and can’t be brought with money, is far better than anything money can buy. He talks about truth a lot in the story “Walden. ” Here is what he stated in another passage concerning truth: “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. ” (pp765). All the necessities that’s good for the soul are priceless. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, anyone can achieve these priceless gifts from God. No price can be attached to the source of getting in touch with your inner self to gain happiness and contentment. The things that makes you happy to be alive. Thoreau proved that we can live the simply life with just the basic things of life, food, shelter and clothing. We can gain from nature, figure out how to live in its condition, which is free to all, and satisfying to the soul.

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