Thomas Jefferson and his presidency

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Thomas Jefferson had many accomplishments before, during and after his presidency. With many proven results, it is no wonder Thomas Jefferson was considered to be one of the best Presidents in the United States. Thomas Jefferson had a very interesting story with many ways that he has made a huge impact on the society that has stretched to present life now.

He also was the main author of the Declaration of Independence, known as the present kind of government. Thomas Jefferson parents were farmers Peter and Jane Jefferson. Thomas was third of ten children born on April 13, 1743, in Shadwell Virginia at their family plantation. When Thomas grew up he spent many years away at school keeping him away from home and his family. Jefferson had to come back home when his father died in 1757 leaving fourteen-year-old Thomas the oldest son, with an inheritance of 2,500 acres and 30 slaves.

Thomas took care of his land and greatly valued his years at the College Of William and Mary becoming an attorney and a planter making an estate of the slaves he inherited from his father. While growing up he met Martha Wayles. Martha was married first to Bathurst Skelton in 1766, They had a son that was born the following year and his name was John. Bathurst died on September 30, 1768. Many suspects that Thomas was courting Martha in 1770s while she moved back to The Forest with her son, Thomas and Martha didn’t marry until New Year’s day January 1, 1772. Thomas and Martha had six children only two of the six, Martha and Mary survived to adulthood.

Thomas Jefferson’s education was a big part of what he became. He was extremely intelligent. When he was young he attended a local school run by a Scottish Presbyterian minister. At only the age of nine Jefferson started to learn Greek, Latin, and French. Which let him grow and met many people. He grew with respect from other people.

Thomas Jefferson did many things before his presidency that got him known and in history. Thomas Jefferson was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1769 to 1774. Throughout the years of his being in the house, he played an active role in the organization of the Virginia Committee of Correspondence. During his time in the committee, he wrote: Summary View of the Rights of British America in 1774. That soon went on a larger spotlight. He soon became known as a man of many abilities. When the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia in 1776, Jefferson found himself appointed to write the Declaration of Independence with four other men. The other four men were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston. The four men picked Jefferson to draft the document. The men picked Jefferson to write to the Declaration of Independence because of his greatly advanced writing skills. Also the fact that he was representing Virginia, the most looked up Southern colony. This event made a huge impact in society till now. It has been our main base of government, and till this day we grow upon it and follow the same rules of the constitution. Not only did Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence he also took a role of separating the government and religious aspects of the government. He authored the famous Virginia Bill for establishing religious Freedom.

It was finally passed into law with the help of James Madison. This act also made a huge impact on the citizens that have been passed down to this day. Jefferson didn’t see God as a personal savior, therefore, he didn’t find right that it was used as a way of government granting people privileges and imposing duties upon the citizens. Changes like that effect today with a great deal. As a society, we aren’t forced to think a way or believe in something that we might not think is right. Not only did Jefferson think linking religion and government together he also thought education was extremely important. He really pressed of the fact that all white males should have a radical system of free public education.

Jefferson retired to Monticello because he was extremely concerned about the health of his wife. Sadly on September 6, 1782, Martha Jefferson died in childbirth. Being her six pregnancy. Jefferson completely broken threw himself into the world of writing. Writing his only book called Notes of the State of Virginia. His book was mainly based on his plans for freedom of religion and universal education. He also mentioned his fears of the county for the future. After many months of mourning on June 1783, Jefferson went back to Philadelphia to lead the Virginia Delegation to the Confederation Congress. Jefferson for four years served as America’s minister to France beginning in 1785. Like an ambassador in today’s jobs. While in the post-Jefferson would negotiate commercial treaties and would look closely at events that would lead to the French Revolution. As a widower Jefferson enjoyed his time with his two daughters Martha and Mary, Martha being twelve years of age and Mary being seven years of age. While staying and working in his post in France he still kept in touch with members of the Constitutional Convention from 1787 to 1788. Jefferson mostly kept in touch with James Madison about all the events that were leading the new creation of our new government. Jefferson made it back to Virginia in November 1789 to be given the news that George Washington was elected to be the first president of the United States of America. Alongside with that new Washington appointed Jefferson as his secretary of state.

During Washington’s presidency, the government was split into two. On one side the Republicans led by Jefferson. On the other side Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton. These two men did not see eye to eye, nearly opposites on every issue. With so many conflicts Jefferson resigned as the secretary of state on January 5th of 1794. But that wasn’t the end out his journey in our government, he soon became the vice president under John Adams. Once John Adams term ended Thomas Jefferson ran against Admas once again. Jefferson defeated Adams. But Jefferson tied with Aaron Burr a Democratic-Republican. The House of Representatives ended up breaking the tie and voted Jefferson into office. For this situation to not repeat itself Congress proposed the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution. Instated that it was to be required to split the voting for president and vice president.

Jefferson was brought into office on March 4th of 1801. He was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington D.C. Unlike George Washington and John Adams, he broke the tradition of riding in a horse-drawn carriage and walked to and from the ceremony. Simple small changed from Jefferson become big changes to our government.

One of Jeffersons greatest achievements was the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France. At more than 820,000 square miles for $15 million in 1803. This purchase doubled the size of the United States, let us have a wider range of resources soon to be found and help our cilerziation grow. Purchasing these land he set out Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the land and beyond. This exploration lasted from 1804 to 1806 and provided information and how the geography of the new land, animals and plant life.

In 1804, Jefferson ran against Federalist candidate Charles Pinckney of South Carolina for re-election and defeated him with more than seventy percent of the popular votes. While on his second term Jefferson main focus was to keep America out of Europe’s Wars. Even though Great Britain and France were at war at the time they both began to start harassing America’s merchant ships. Soon after Jefferson implemented the Embargo of 1807. This act closed ports for foreign trade, that in the long run ended up hurting the U.S economy. Two years later was repealed in 1809 and Jefferson trying his best to maintain neutrality. The U.S, unfortunately, went into eas against Britain in 1812. On March 4 the of 1809 Jefferson returned to his home in Virginia to live out the rest of his days.

Jefferson really enjoyed remodeling and rebuilding his beloved home and estate. Jefferson also put in his later years setting up and organizing the University of Virginia. The nations first secular university. He not only personally selected European scholars to serve as the professors at the University but he also designed the campus. He designed the campus to be like an academical village. Jefferson also ended up selling his personal library to the national government to be a foundation of the Library of Congress after the British burned the U.S Ca

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