Thinking About One Piece

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Kino and his wife Juana had just had their new baby boy, Coyotito. One peaceful morning the family were just waking up and Kino spotted a scorpion hanging on the rope over their baby boys hanging box. Kino attempted to kill the deadly scorpion but Coyotito hit the rope and the venomous scorpion fell on him and stung the new baby. Kino eventually killed the scorpion but then the mother, Juana noticed the sting mark on Coyotito’s shoulder and they immediately rushed him to the town’s doctor.

The doctor refused to treat the family because of their lack of money. The doctor’s servant came out to the gate and asked Kino if he had any money, but the only thing Kino had to give was “eight small misshapen seed pearls, as ugly as gray little ulcers, flattened almost valueless”. So they eventually left the greedy doctors house and ran to the sea. Juana took a seaweed poultice and applied it to their fatally stung baby. Kino headed back to his canoe to fish for more pearls, he stuck his head under the salty water and pulled out a ginormous oyster. He opened the oyster to find a massive pearl he stared in shock for a moment before releasing a scream all the other pearl fishers could hear.

Before long all of his fellow fishermen were standing in shock around him as well. Word about this colossal pearl spread around the tiny city of La Paz very quickly. Soon after the greedy doctor that wouldn’t treat Coyotito before showed up to their house looking to treat the baby. The swelling in his shoulder has now gone down but the doctor urged the parents to let him treat Coyotito. Juana warned Kino that this pearl may bring greed and danger into their lives. But Kino insisted that he was going to town to sell the pearl the next morning. The next day the pearl buyers didn’t price the pearl at what Kino thought it was worth. He wanted to go to the capital to sell it thinking the capital would give him what he wanted for it. Juana continues to remind him of the evilness that the pearl brings with it. Kino is now being greedy like the doctor. The doctor didn’t actually want to help baby Coyotito he just wanted some of the fortune that he thinks Kino has now come upon. Kino wanted all he could get for it, in fact he was willing to go to difficult measures for it. “This pearl has become my soul”. That night Juana decided to take matters into her own hands by taking the pearl with the intention of throwing it back into the ocean. Kino saw his wife walking slowly towards the ocean and when her hand lifted up he ran and grabbed her. That night Kino beat his wife but also on that night he got robbed and attacked. Kino ended up killing one of his attackers by slitting his throat.

After that Kino and Juana decided they had to leave and get out of that town. They traveled that night and headed to the capital. Kino has shown many effects of greed in this story and so have the attackers. They only attacked Kino and burned his house down to get the pearl from him. “They have taken the pearl. I have lost it. Now it’s over’. Kino finally got the pearl back. Now that they were on the road Kino felt as though he was being followed. Coyotito and Juana took cover in the nearby mountain. While Kino stood outside taking off his white clothing. The three attackers heard a faint cry of Coyotito but simply assumed it was a coyote. They shot towards the direction of the mountain, that’s when Kino jumped out and killed all three of the attackers. It was now deadly silent, the faint cry was now gone because the shot killed baby Coyotito.

The couple headed back into town when they felt it was safe. They decided that it would be best to throw the pearl back into the ocean for good. “And the pearl settled into the lovely green water and dropped toward the bottom”. Now with the pearl and their baby boy gone they will have to adapt to their new lifestyle. The effect of greed was shown throughout the entire story whether it was Kino trying to get way more money than the pearl was worth or the doctor trying to get Kino to pay him since he assumes Kino has money now. The townspeople think Kino is a killer now when he really isn’t. This pearl truly did come with evilness and greed like Kino’s wife Juana warned him about. Greed can come with fame and fortune but also can lead to evilness and great danger. Kino’s life as well as his families were in harm’s way when word spread about the pearl. In the end, Kino and Juana lost something that is irreplaceable their one and only child.

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