Theme of Social Issues in Film Invictus

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

How does this film show a country recovering from terrorism and racism

In the film “Invictus” the leader of South Africa Nelson Mandela represents a God instrument to attain the peace in South Africa. The terrorism currently had caused big damages in the nation. Worry was part of the diary life of this individuals and with the rugby sport conferences in the arena individuals discovered a method to be without those worries and to forgive them.

What is substantial about the use of sports in this healing

Nelson Mandela through the rugby sport found a method to join the South Africa country; as a result, he finished with the racism.

Completion of the bigotry suggests forgiveness in a society in which individuals dislike others because their skin colors. Forgiveness is among the most tough worths to attain by the mankind, due to the fact that ego is ever exhausting versus the reconciliation and the forgiveness. However Mandela had pure desires to change those believes and individuals became mindful of how powerful forgiveness is.

Give your personal reflection on the movie. Did you like it? Why or why not? What is the main idea or message

I loved the film. It was a very inspiring movie for me because sometimes I have missed the hope of a real change in our society. I know that we are all pure instruments of God, but we are not perfect as we would like to be. When we are aware of what the good behave is; when we do introspection so that we can understand who we are and what our work in this life is. And I think that we only work here is to learn to love and to forgive everybody. The main message of the movie was to teach us that the hope is an important instrument to us.

We have to keep working in order to be better humans day after day. We have to awake spirituality which is just possible through love, peace and forgiveness. We have to dream and to work in order to achieve our pure dreams. If we change as a person we could change the society, no matter who we are but how much me desire the benefit of others and no just our own benefit. Values are the base of the developing of a society, and if we believe in God there is nothing but their hands working through us as it happens with Mandela.

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