“The Weary Blues”: What This Poem is About

May 5, 2021 by Essay Writer

“The Weary Blues.”

This poem is all about someone singing the blues and getting his feelings out while doing it. With this essay I am going to present to you a clear knowledge on the ways tone, rhyme and why I liked Langston Hughes writing in this poem. After reading and analyzing this I came to the conclusion that the theme of this poem is a about the speaker looking being attentive to and describing the person that has the blues and is truly making a song about his blues in this town. The storyteller paints a picture that this man is a skillful guy that is sorrowful down in his current kingdom of blues which gives him his existence. Through the words and meanings of the phrases the author portrays this man as very down and unhappy about his life at this time. I may be giving you examples of ways and why I agree with the author and how he told this poem.

I was reading this the title “The Weary Blues” the word weary means “having one’s patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted” can you imagine? Then the word blues meaning “low spirits.” So by definition this poem is entitled to be all about low sprits. One character says “I ain’t happy no mo’ ” (Hughes) he also states, “I wish I had died” (Hughes). This is beyond feeling depressed, down, sad, and having exhausted patience, tolerance, and pleasure Jazz music is often tied together with long drown out melodies and complex rhythmical patterns. The Blues is another type of jazz that also follows the same patterns. ‘The Weary Blues,’ is no exception to this style. The sound qualities that makes up this poems work are detailed but quite apparent as well. The authors use of consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia and rhyme in “The Weary Blues” gives this poem a deep kind of dark feeling of sorrow while at the same time it allows the reader to feel as if heshe are there actually listening and understanding his feelings through the blues that is being sung by him.

When thinking about if the tone was appropriate, I thought about if he would have used a lighter, happier tone. For this poem that tone would not match and support his thesis as strongly as this tone did. That really shows that he went the right way with his tone for this poem. This is the poem I choose because recently I’ve been going through a tough time where I couldn’t show my emotions. This poem is symbolic of a black men struggling and I felt that because I’ve been struggling to so I connected with this poem way more than any other we’ve read.

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