The use of Symbolism in Tuesdays with Morrie

April 28, 2022 by Essay Writer

In Tuesdays with Morrie there are many symbolizing moments throughout book such as food, Morrie’s bed, the hibiscus plant, and many more. Symbolism is the use of symbols or objects to represent ideas or qualities.

In the beginning of the book Mitch brings up a Pink Hibiscus flower. “A small hibiscus plant sheds its pink leaves” As Mitch describes the plant in the first chapter of the book. The hibiscus plant symoolizes time passing through out the book as well as Morries life passing as well. But when Morrie and Mitch start having their Tuesday meetings the plant starts to shed meaning the plant is dying.

Another item used for symbolism would be The Food. The Food symoolizes help in the book. In the story Mitch feels like there’s no way he can help Morrie. Mitch feels like the only way he can help Morrie is with food. We read in the book that Morrie loved to eat, and that he would have all of his food on his face when they were together. “I knew there was plenty of food at the house, but I just wanted to contribute something. I was so powerless to help Morrie otherwise” Mitch states on the first Tuesday.

Another action used as symbolism is dance. Morries love for dance ties to his idea of freedom. Dance was one of the ways Morrie felt he was able to do whatever he wanted, as where he felt like todays society was completely useless. In the group Morrie was in which was mostly made of students, Morrie would dance however and to whatever music he wanted too without a care for how he looked or how he was perceived.

The last piece of symbolism he uses is Morries Bed. While Morrie was sick he did not want to lay in bed but rather sit in his chair by himself surrounded with picture of family and friends. He could look out the and appreciate the many different seasons and sunlight. Morrie states “when you’re in bed, you’re dead.” Morrie was determined to stay out of bed until he fully accepted death at the time of his illness. He was successful from not staying in bed for the last few days he had and when he finally laid in bed he accepted and surrendered himself to death.

These were many ways symbolism is used in the story of Tuesdays with Morrie.


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