The Twins Have Nothing To Blame For Deceiving The God Of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

November 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

Velutha and Ammu has started to develop feelings for one another but their affair was discovered by velutha’s father and reported to Baby Konchamma and Mammachi leading to lock up of Ammu in the house. The twins opened the door for Ammu but she had them to blame for her lock and the twins ran away to an abandoned house. Sophie Mol realized the will of the twins to be taken along and their plans. As the three were crossing the river, their boat capsized but the twins Rahel and Estha managed to cross the other side of the river but Sophie was unfortunate and was carried away by the violent water current. Baby Konchama loathed Velutha which made her go to the police and give false allegations that Velutha had kidnapped the twins, killed Sophie and raped Ammu. Velutha was beaten up by the police but the kids later confessed that Sophie had drowned and thus Velutha was ill-treated for no reason. Baby Konachama was confronted for giving false allegations without supporting evidence, striking fear into her. Baby Konchama then manipulated the twins un confessing that Velutha had killed Sophie and abducted them lest their Ammu would be imprisoned and go through suffering because of them (Fox, 2002).

It is not fair to blame the twins for deceiving in court as they saved their mother Ammu who would have suffered severely in prison. The personality of Konchama of being destructive and spiteful is to blame as she intimidated the children into lying. The character of Rahel and Estha of being heartfelt makes them live a united delightful life in future while Baby Konchama lives as a hermit and have grown ugly overgrown (Fox, 2002).

Many people have the impression that there no longer exist alternatives for globalization but he world is s free market and all one has to do is evaluate the economic values consideration of human beings. There is a possibility if living a happier life with developmental changes in the world. The earth has transitioned in a number of ways for example the evils which existed in the past have been abated in the modern society. For example people in the west died of hunger and war which exist no more. The world has also transitioned in giving people freedom where one can make suitable choices for themselves. Availability of freedom indicate that we will live life that suits our needs and that we can stand up for any suffering and get instant justice. Most poor countries have increas4ed in their life expectancy and economic value. Evolution of the society has not fully enhanced quality of life (Veenhoven, 2010). The change to agrarian society from hunter-gather bands seemed to intricate decline but an evolution to the modern society has changed life for the better and people now live a happier and healthier life. There is a substantial reason to believe that the development will continue and people will be able to live a happier life. There will be A world where everyone has access to resources and can generate income for themselves and there will be no need to hurt one another (Teivainen, 2015). People are also learning and increasing their knowledge making them to understand the reason and value of life.

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