The Trials of Black Men, Tom Robinson and OJ Simpson and Society’s Decision Based on Race and Social Status of the Convicted

November 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

Tom Robinson and OJ Simpson are two black men who have both been taken to trial. They have many similarities that affected their court cases such as their race, social status, and verdict. Tom Robinson was accused of raping and beating up a white woman. OJ Simpson was accused of killing his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Tom Robinson went to trial for raping and assaulting a white woman named Mayella Ewell—a crime he didn’t commit. Atticus, Jem and Scout’s father, was Robinon’s lawyer, and he proved that Tom Robinson was not guilty of the crime. Everybody knew that he was innocent, and Tom’s boss could not recall any violent incidents that included Tom. Because he was a black man he was taken advantage of and made to be a scapegoat in the murder. OJ Simpson went to trial for killing his wife and her friend. He really couldn’t explain himself. Because he was black, he had no voice or authority and couldn’t explain himself. Even if he tried to explain himself, there was DNA evidence that shoed he was involved in the crime scene and proved that he was the murderer. There were also witnesses including the neighbors who heard the dog barking in an odd manner for a period of time, which made them think that there was something wrong. A woman also testified that the knife that OJ Simpson used in the murder was the knife she had given him before.

Tom Robinson had a low social status, which made it possible for Bob Ewell to take advantage of him and say he was the rapist. Because he had such a low social status, people believed that everything Tom said was a lie. When he was questioned as to why he ran away, Tom said it was because he was scared. On the other hand, OJ had a high social status, and he could pay for an expensive attorney to take the case, but even so it was not easy for him to get people to take his side. The media was even reluctant to put his case on television.

Tom Robinson was innocent, but due to his race and social status, the jury found him guilty and he was convicted of rape. He later tried to escape from jail but was shot 17 times and died. It’s still not clear whether OJ Simpson did commit the murder. Many people still believe that he is guilty, but the prosecution refused to prove its case.

OJ Simpson and Tom Robinson were both black men who were brought in for trial. Society accused Tom of raping a white woman, and after his testimony they still didn’t believe him. OJ Simpson was accused of murdering his wife and her friend, and after many witnesses came forward, he still testified that he didn’t do it and was ultimately let free.

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