The Theme of Handling and Overcoming the Pain in the Rescue

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

Pain is Unavoidable, But Able to be Overcome

Throughout life, everyone experiences pain. Unfortunately, pain is an unavoidable part of life. Some people, while going through a painful time, feel as if the pain they are feeling will never go away, but this is not true. All pain is able to be overcome, if you allow it, through things such as love, justice, family, and etcetera.

This theme is very commonly illustrated, because it is something that everyone wants to believe. Everyone wants to feel as if, one day, their pain will go away. One example of where this theme is shown is in “The Rescue” by Nicholas Sparks. In this book, Taylor McAden is a volunteer firefighter who daily deals with the pain of losing his father at a young age. Because of the circumstances involved, Taylor blames himself for his father’s death, and the pain of this seems as if it will always be a part of his life. However, as he saves countless lives as a firefighter and falls in love with Denise Holton, he slowly begins to forgive himself. Denise helps him to understand himself in a way he hadn’t thought possible, and she helps heal his pain little by little. (Sparks 1-420) Many people believe that love is the most powerful pain-healer, and though this is a very common solution to pain, it is not the only thing that heals pain.

Another thing that is very effective when dealing with pain is justice. When people feel as if they have been wronged, justice, whether in a small or big way, makes the person experiencing the pain feel better, and often begins a healing process. In the novel “Just Take My Heart” by Mary Higgins Clark, Alice Mills is feeling the pain of losing her daughter in the worst possible way. Alice’s daughter was murdered, and she desperately wants the person who killed her daughter in custody. As the book progresses, she seems to be even more desperate to find the killer. In the end, Alice finally gets peace when the murderer is caught, and the very end of the book is her thoughts on the situation, and she finally feels as if she can go on with her life. (Clark 1-385) Alice feels this way because she got justice for her daughter’s death, and knows that the killer has gotten his punishment.

Faith is often used as a way to overcome the pain that people are faced with, whether it is faith in God or in something else. In the biblical book of Job, Job is a man who has a good faith in God, and gets tested in a way that most people would never be able to handle. He loses almost everything that he has, including his family. However, with his extraordinary faith in God to meet his needs and take care of him, he gets through the troubling time, and afterwards gets blessed with more than he had to begin with. (“Quest Study Bible NIV” 705-756)

Artists in many genres of music often illustrate lyrically the trials of pain that are brought about in life. One example of this, though there are several more, is A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans. In this song, the writer tells of a trial in which most people go through more than once in their life: the pain of someone you loved breaking your heart. The song tells of a woman who was hurt greatly in this way, but she knows that no matter how much it may hurt then, things will get better. She knows that in time, she’ll be able to move on completely and be stronger. She has a strong willpower. That, along with time, is what helps her to overcome her pain. (Scott)

In the movie Mary Higgins Clark’s Remember Me, Menly Nichols is a grieving mother because in a car accident, she lost her two year old son, Bobby. She, however, survived. She is torn in two by the guilt she feels as a result of this, and for a brief period of time, she is even put into a hospital because of her condition. After time, however, she is let out, and has a second child. Being a mother again helps her to feel less guilty about the death of her child, and with the help of her husband and friends, she is able to move on. (Lenski)

The ability to overcome pain is something everyone has, though at times, help is needed to push you along. This has happened to me on several occasions throughout my life, and even more as I’ve become older. One thing I’ve went through recently hurt more than anything I’ve ever been through by someone I thought I loved. He’d been my best friend forever, and, knowing how I felt, he led me to believe that he felt the same. He lied, though, and told me so after I’d already gotten my hopes up. The situation hurt me a lot, and for a while, I thought that the pain of rejection would never stop. However, before I’d realized it, weeks and months had passed, and I realized it didn’t hurt as much. With the passing of time and the support of friends, I was able to overcome the pain of what I’d been put through.

Sometimes, when bad things happen, it feels as if it will never get better. People can spend a good span of time hurting, especially with the way things are today. Pain is a part of life, and it’s a part of life that you can’t avoid or stop. It’s simply just going to happen. However, it won’t stay forever. Eventually, the pain will become something you rarely think about, and then, eventually, you won’t feel the pain at all. It may take a little extra help sometimes, because we’re only human, but the point remains the same: Pain is unavoidable, but all pain is able to be overcome.

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