The Theme Of Group Behavior In The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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The article is a study exploring the pattern of group activity in John The Pearl’s novel. There’s a major influence on other individuals from Stein show group behavior. We are the long-term basis of human life. Steinbeck’s group-man theory is based on Darwinian interpretation of cultural evolution from the perspective of human psychology. Steinbeck says as part of a group there’s a change from the member. He says a group is often a unit with a move an intent an end a process. Steinbeck makes some assumptions about the actions of the man both as a person and as an individual. The ideal team structure, in the writer’s opinion, is one in which members behave as individuals while contributing creatively to the development of a harmoniously integrated whole. This essay discusses John Stein’s impact on group activity in The Pearl.

The possible negative unhelpful team activities were discussed by In’ The Pearl ‘ Stein. Stein says that the destructive group behavior of human nature while building group activity, leaves hate and fear the only man with destructive conflict chaos. Therefore, Stein saw a powerful force rendering them components of a larger entry above individual men.

The message is universal identifying in it the danger of materialism. The research examines the group actions of the characters in the novel as positive group behavior and negative group behavior. Neighbors and beggars are studied under positive group behavior while under the analysis of destructive behavior the physician and the priest are examined.

Tracing the group conduct phenomenon in the John Nadu Indian international English news aper’s pearl ‘ Kanchan Devi, Stein La Paz Village depicts a world where people often shape their own destinies. They carry out their own wishes and make their own plans for themselves…

The pearl divers plunge under the waves in expectation of the divine blessings. Kino’s people are portrayed as simple yet helpful sweet beings when Kino discovers the pearl, everyone comes to learn about it very soon. In addition to the general reactions, Stein evokes the discovery of the pearl due to the different individual reactions. The priest wonders next if Kino will contribute to the parish. The doctor is concerned about his past life in Paris, and now he can do it with the money.

The beggars remember a newly wealthy man. Each of them pearl buyers thinks about the pearl and wants to get it to make a new beginning in life. Generally speaking, the treasure affects the entire city and becomes the center of all of the vision of the greatness of all. With overwhelming joy, Kino’s brother Juan Thomas and all the neighbors are gathering in his room. The story points to the family of Kino. which due to voracious people is completely cut off from his house. Kino’s development is seen throughout the novel throughout the course of the story. It can be defined as an achievement. He knows the human being’s dark ability. It also speaks of the group behavior of the characters in Steinbeck’s novels that are fully involved.

He is a poor but simple man with his mother Juana and their infant son Coyotito both of whom he loves very much living in a brush house. As a husband and father, he’s happy and happy with what he got. When Kino discovers a great pearl, in his quest to break free from the tyranny of his colonial society he becomes increasingly gluttonous and desperate.

He wants Coyotito to go to work, second, he wants to give Juana in church a proper wedding he wants a gun. His behavior changes after he gets the pearl because of his wishes. To order to protect his interests he is cold-hearted and even kills people. Kino’s material ambition ultimately drives him to a state of animal violence and his life is reduced to a fundamental struggle for survival. When the pearl opens his eyes to a larger world. He wants to be a good husband and father as a complete man.

Heavenly observes Practically all Stein hero’s characteristic personal mark is their leadership and total participation in community activities. Steinbeck depicts Kino as an innocent pearl diver who in the beginning is content with his simple life. Yet two events, the scorpion sting of Coyotito and the discovery of the pearl by Kino bring Kino into the civilized world. When Kino starts to covet his son’s material wealth and education covetousness tension and aggression complicate his simple existence.

Therefore, the universe of Kino can be like Paradisea place of contentment and innocence. Kino fulfills his mother’s childship and the energy taken from the rising sun so that he seems to have no yearning existence. Once Kino discovers the pearl, his discovery moves rapidly. Everyone in the city knows he’s found the world’s gem even before Kino comes back to his brush home. From the beggar to the businessman’s dream of Kino’s pearl can help them, people from every group in the city. Ignorant of the envy of others Kino and Juana enjoy their good fortune.

Through their newfound treasure, they invite their family and friends to share their happiness. All the neighbors are looking at the mighty pearl with a combination of hope and fear at the huge changes ahead. Juana revives the fire and even the dusk arrives the neighbors survive. Steinbeck’s accent is used to convey the doctor’s view of the beggars.

I also say that he gave sparingly for alms his botched abortions and his little pennies. They saw his bodies entering the church. As Kino was about to sell the pearl, neighbors, and beggars were eager to join the procession. Even his brother Juan Thomas takes great care of Kino and wants to protect from the evil world his wife Apolonia and children. Steinbeck’s Destructive Team Behavior portrays both the doctor and priest’s protagonists somewhat unsympathetically in the pearl. The doctor has no good qualities his actions show him to be the most terrifying heartless person one can encounter.

Steinbeck’s Destructive Team Behavior portrays both the doctor and the priest’s protagonists somewhat unsympathetically in the pearl. The doctor has no good qualities and their actions show him to be the most terrifying heartless person one can encounter. His names were mention to trigger fear among the villagers. So Kino causes him to see his brother with absolute fear when he comes to see Coyotito. But there was a trap set. He was unwilling to seize the opportunity.

He never cares for others and never indulges in his name’s were mention triggers fear among the villagers. So Kino causes him to see his brother with absolute fear .when he comes to see Coyotito. But there was a trap set. He was unwilling to seize the opportunity. He never cares for others indulges in anything about other people’s welfare thing about other people’s welfare.

When he comes to Coyotito, he offers something to the baby. So, the doctor may come back to treat the scorpion bite’s son in an hour. Juana has already applied the Seawood poultice and taken care of the scratch. The doctor’s behavior and the operation are therefore only pretenses and acts of inhumanity that are totally contrary to the ethics of his profession. He then tries slyly to get Kino to give him the Perl.

The priest arrives to bless. He asks Kino to give thanks for the pearl and his blessing. After being drawn by the beauty of the pearl, the priest tells Kino to remember the newly thriving church. The priest leaves them with a kind phrase, Juana says they want to marry in the church. After the priest arrives, he is safely overcome by the sense of evil.

The neighbors are scattering and baked bean dinner is starting to cook Juana. The priest is not depicted as evil like a psychiatrist, but a person who is not interested in the spiritual well-being of his people. He does not act as a church delegate. He doesn’t even know who Kino is at the beginning but thinks about repairs that the church needs that can be done if he can get the pearl of Kino. He’s not acting as a representative church. He doesn’t even know who Kino starts, but he thinks of the repairs the church needs that can be done if he can get Kino’s pearl. The villagers know why he comes to visit Kino because his village visits are so special. The doctor has no redeeming qualities his actions reveal that he is the most despicable heartless person you could find.

His simplicity deprivation of the life of the fishing village is violated by the group behavior of the civilized people. Though they are well-organized and disco aware of the evil doctor, the section discusses John Steinbeck’s group actions in The Pearl. The novel introduces the powerful characters to pursue a perfect end and aspires to illuminate the path of humanity step by step, finding the perfect combination of strength and love ensures an innovative, democratic society for all nesting pearl divers that the village community welcomes as their lives within the limited coastal region.  


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