The Tempest

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer

Act 1 scene 1(the storm): The opening scene of the Tempest I think is brilliant. There is an instant unsuspecting panic, which quickly gains ones attention. Usually in a play there is a build up to a dramatic moment but The Tempest opens with this and the dramatic moment is when there is the inevitability of death. One can see the last instant panic and hear the words of lost hope, and people preparing for the final moment, “give thanks you have lived so long, and make yourself ready in your cabin for the mischance of the hour, if it so hap.

Cheerily good hearts out of our way I say”.

This was said by the boatswain, and it is an example of how Shakespeare used a great climatic moment like a shipwreck, in the beginning scene. This had a brilliant effect, as it shows the flare of emotion and the intensity of the situation, which grabs ones, attention, and then holds it throughout the play.

This scene is also interesting, as even at the supposed final moment of Anthonio’s life, he still holds himself above others, “Hang cur hang you whoresen, insolent noise maker, we are less afraid to be drown’d than thou art. ” This is a great example of the insolence of man, and how one lets out his anger to another as to relieve it from themselves.

Shakespeare has created an art of depicting ones emotions and in this scene, he portrays emotion at its highest point, the final fear of death and the anger and hopelessness of the situation, and how each of them reacts to this. Also what is interesting in this scene is the philosophy, or lack of philosophy. The only talk of God is that the king is praying in his cabin. There are no last pleas or attempts at upholding one’s faith.

There seems to be only a sheer anger toward each other, although at a moment of emotion of such intensity, it is impossible to predict the reaction. Shakespeare’s depiction of the situation is most interesting and very well informed, and by all means most entertaining. Act 2 Scene 1 (murder plot): My second favorite scene is the murder plot.

This scene is an example of an insatiable greed causing one to be traitorous in the worst possible way. Though Anthonio is a Duke (of which he is by taking the title from his brother) he still manages to convince Sebastian to kill his own brother, to gain more power and wealth, and Sebastian is easily persuaded. In this scene one can see a plot brewing, one can also see two men, both on the border of vast wealth, and how the simple idea of this causes them to plot a traitorous murder.

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