The Tale of the Fallen Angel: Losing Hope in God

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

Who knows the world at its core, knows what moves the rain and earth, has the face and mind of a god, but is a giant at his birth.

Proud, Egoistic

Loki knows what you envision in your petty little mind, he can work you as if you were a simple gear in his giant mechanism of endless plots of gain and vengeance. It is I, the trickster god, who comes before you. The trick is always on you, tricked to come here and listen to my endless talk of how I am supreme and you are not. Don’t get me wrong, my holiness has given your race a godly amount of love and virtuousness, even for a god!

Proud, Manipulative

Need I remind your wimpy immature brains, that I was the one who broke your shakles of slavery. I stood from above and watched Ragnarok unfold, and when my time came I spent it with honour! In that endless place of sorrow and despair, every single god, giant, dwarf or elf, they all perished, and finally after an eternity under the wasteful sovereignty of the gods, the humans were free! I sacrificed everyone and everything to make your tiny existence a bit less painful! I schemed this from the very start when humans were created. Even for me, the cold hearted calculator of emotions, it was heartbreaking to observe you from above eternally enslaved to me and my race.

Well, I had to do something, and so I did, the most magnificent manipulation since the creation of the universe! It was perfect and none could stop me. Your freedom is not the work of your kind, but rather my own doing! It should be clear to you that all the malicious actions carried out by me, were in sight of the supreme goal. Each action was an offering for the greater virtue of your own people.


My “misdeeds” were nothing but nudges towards the division between the gods and the giants. Therefore, my consciousness is clear and as the supreme god, I declare you humans as the supreme beings from now to thereafter. May you know that now that the gods have fallen, it is your time to shine.


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