The Structure And Conflict In The Story Araby

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

The coming of age short story, “Araby” chronicles a young boy’s life as he navigates adolescence, and the emotions that come with it. The exposition kicks off with the narrator, an unknown boy, describing the setting. The story takes place in the winter of an Irish neighborhood during the early 19th century. The narrator lives on North Richmond street, a blind, quiet area. He inhabits a home that was once occupied by a priest with his Uncle and Aunt. Like a typical young boy, the narrator enjoys spending the short days of winter playing outside with his friends and exploring the world around him. An Infatuation for his friend Mangan’s sister begins to blossom within him as he observes her calling Mangan in for tea. From the days following, his desire for her grows stronger. Though he is falling in love with her, he veils his feelings for her, and experiences internal conflict as to whether to confront her with his adoration.

The rising action occurs when they finally speak. After discovering that she is not able to go the Araby, he promises to bring her back a trinket. From that moment on, he becomes obsessed with getting her a gift. His passion to obtain the perfect gift distracts him from his school work and leads him to believe that everything else is child’s play. External conflict arises as his teacher reprimands him for becoming to idle with his studies. On the day of the Araby, he angrily awaits for his Uncle’s arrival to give him money for the train fare there. When his Uncle arrives late, external conflict occurs between the narrator and his uncle as they discuss the ability for the narrator to go. When is uncle finally agrees to let him go, The narrator anxiously awaits his arrival to the Bazaar.

The climax occurs once the narrator arrives at the Bazaar. When he comes late, he realizes that the lights are off, and that the Araby is almost over. He notices a lady, though, who is selling items. When he goes up to the lady, he encounters her rude personality, and is discouraged to buy Mangan sister a gift. The falling action occurs when the narrator lingers at the stall, though he knows that his stay is useless. The Resolution occurs when the Narrator is defeated, and comes to the conclusion that nothing he will do will ever win over her heart.


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