“The Story of an Hour” a Story by Kate Chopin Essay

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer


“The story of an hour” by Kate Chopin is an outstanding narrative because it is amazing and full of emotions. In this story the authors describes how Mrs. Mallard who is the main character suffers a heart problem and how her husband dies, when presented with the horrific news about the death of her husband Mrs. Mallard goes to a state of emotional breakdown but which she eventually recovers from.

However, after her recovery she begins to feel freedom of soul as Chopin describes her state (15) which is a benefit since it relieves her of her husband memories. This story is typical of daily events of death in the society and I will therefore recommend it since it reflects an important theme in the society. In this paper I will discuss more reasons why this paper will relate well with readers of our magazine.


Foremost, I have chosen this fiction story because it is quite entertaining and not to mention it is full of conflicting emotions which shock the reader and will therefore be entertaining to read. As one reads the story, one is completely attached to it because it relates on the everyday occurrences in the society and all through the reader is entertained by the author’s humor in the paper and archetypal imagination.

Secondly, this particular fiction story is full of surprises and imagination (Chopin 5). As the reader goes through the story, one can clearly see the images of what is happening because of the detailed imagery depicted by the author in the story; it is these imageries that triggers the reader’s conflicting emotions.

In fact, as one reads the story a person is amazed by different events that leave one with imaginations because of the suspense created by the author such as in the way that one is left wondering what could have been the cause of Mrs. Mallard death towards the end of the story. This is a classical example of suspense in a story that leaves the reader yearning for more (Beam 29).

Additionally, this fictional story is very educative; as much as the story is full of emotions its educative value is well elaborated throughout. The readers will therefore also be enlightened about so many things as they read this particular fiction story especially in the sequence of the events that eventually leads to emotional breakdown. Therefore, this fiction story is a good work of art because it provides the reader with the understanding of the role of women in the society.

Moreover, this fictional story is also full of visual effects (Hood). One aspect that makes this fictional story to be outstanding is the fact that readers will feel as if they are watching the events unfold. The way the events have been described by the author makes the readers to visualize the whole story and this helps to make them understand it and be more entertained.

For instance, when Mrs. Mallard is told about her husband’s death, she immediately locks herself in the house to mourn his death; this presents a strong visual effect to the reader. Finally, “The story of an hour” has been written in simple English and has great diction which means that majority of the readers will understand and enjoy it. The events in the story have been described very well and in very simple and straightforward vocabulary.


Many readers concurs that “The story of an hour” is an amazing fiction story and a quality work of fiction. This particular fictional story appears real because of the way it reflects our society today; as such, readers will be able to relate with the story which will help them to understand our society better; all the more reasons why it should be run in the magazine.

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