The Self-Sacrifice of Dr. Neville in I Am Legend

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

The first and most important thing any producer gets before making a movie or the author get before writing a book is characters and actors. Without actors and characters theirs no show. An actor is a professional, someone who works in movies, television shows, or doing a stage show. The quality of the actors in films make a tremendous difference in the quality of the film; as well as how the writers have created and portrayed the characters that those actors play.

In the movie “I am Legend” the main character (Dr. Neville) Will Smith, who loses his family to the end of the world. Will is the last man on earth but he isn’t alone, he also has his dog with him. Will starts to talk to the manikins around him as if they were real people. Will has a very special bond with his dog because he had her since the apocalypse had started. He only has his dog to keep him company. He is immune and he is also a doctor. He lives in a barricaded house to protect him from the creatures that are outside at night. Hairless zombies who use to be human. Will has a lab in his house which he captures one of the creatures to try to run test on and cure.

One night in the movie, Will loses his dog to one of the creatures and seeks revenge and tries to kill himself. Will was saved that night by a young women and a young boy. He later finds out the next morning that he isn’t the last person on earth when he meets Anna and Ethan. She explains why she helps him and that they are trying to get to a colony in Vermont.

“Whereas Anna feels that God is leading her to the solution, Robert Neville show pessimism and do not believe in God any more. The contrast is very clear between the reason of Dr. Neville, who is, before everything, a scientist, and the faith of Anna. There is this dialog, relevant on this contrast: Anna: “My God…” Dr. Neville “God is for nothing Anna, it’s us” (Barraud). Will Smith sacrifices himself in order for Anna and her son Ethan to escape away with the cure, but there’s a different ending in the book and in the movie. Dr. Neville never comes into contact with the zombie’s he’s always running from them or shooting them trying to kill one. But in the book Dr. Neville comes into contact with one of them and lets the zombies see that he’s been working trying to get them a cure to save them Most of the music in the movie helps out with them mood and what’s going on.


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