The Result Of Loss Dreams: “The Little Prince”

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Just imagine that one day in your world you will receive the visit of the child who one day you were. This is the story of a little prince, who lives on a very small planet, and who after some bad experiences with a flower begins a journey through different planets in search of new experiences. In my opinion this child is what we were at some time in our life and each character is the possible future personality or the current personality of each of us.

When he arrives on planet Earth after some encounters with some characters. He met an aviator in the middle of the Sahara Desert because his plane had suffered a mechanical failure.

The little prince to see him immediately begins to ask for a drawing of a lamb and in the process he begins to tell his story. The sunsets on your planet, caring for your rose and the great battle that baobabs have that can destroy your little planet. The little prince also tells the adventures he had on the six planets before reaching planet Earth.

The first planet was inhabited by a king. I have demanded that their authority be respected. And don’t accept disobedience. and everything around him is his kingdom. This personality teaches that when someone does not obey a law, many times it is not because of disobedience but because something astute has been requested.

The second planet was inhabited by a vain man, many times our own vanity does not prevent us from seeing our own ridicule. ih! ‘Here is the view of an admirer!

The third planet was inhabited by a drinker who introduced the little prince into deep sadness. . . The drinker drowned in alcohol of sadness because he was a drinker. Many times an addiction is caused by an internal suffering that causes you to know that you have that addiction.

The fourth planet that the little prince had visited was inhabited by the businessman who lived his own loneliness telling his fortune and forgetting what it was. Sometimes we are extremely obsessed with being the absolute owner of everything and we don’t even have time to see how what we are can be losing.

The fifth planet was very strange and was the smallest of all. It was inhabited by the lamplighter, who performed a very boring and tedious task. Our life becomes that way when our work becomes our life.

The sixth planet was a planet ten times larger. It was inhabited by an old geographer who had never had the pleasure of visiting a place on which he was writing to have knowledge of something should not be imperfect in the expectation of being able to contemplate and feel the evidence of all that knowledge.

The last planet on which the little prince was found was with a snake, then with the fox who taught him the true value of friendship and love. Then, finally, meet the aviator and that’s where this story begins. Among the costumes and animals of this world, we can often understand the correct way of acting in this life on the other hand, you find that at some point in your life you lost the great desire of what you wanted to be when you were an adult.

I read this book as a child, but now I think this book was written for adults. It is a lot to read this book again and my favorite part is when he arrives at the king and only gives orders that require reasonable orders and the other one is very special when the little prince shares moments with the fox since the fox asks him to tame him and teach that what you love most is what you spend the most time.

I think it’s about the different wrong personalities that are the result of the loss of dreams we had when we were children. I feel that I should read it again and I would recommend it because in its metaphors we can find some tips to improve our lives and, finally, I think the little prince and the aviator are the same person.


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