The Reasons Why People Lie

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Have you ever wonder why people lie? Lie is a statement used intentionally for the purpose of deception,the practice of communicating in lies is called lying. And am sure you know the person performing this act is called a liar. People lie for so many reasons,that that can’t be overemphasized, some lie naturally.Its in their blood,some inherit it. Inheritance for some people. We have the following reason why some people lie:

To be high rated

People lie in order to be in a big position,in order for people to regard them as the biggest in town.To receive respect from the people not knowing it’s just for a shirt period of time,Yoruba will say “Bi iro ba lo logun odun,ojo kan lotito aba” meaning “If lie travel for 20 years,one day the truth will prevail” liars forget one day their truth will be known.

To be free from bondage

People lie in order to escape from bond.Can you imagine? In order to escape from bondage that the truth will soon be revealed. For how long will people stop lying? And start telling the truth?

Peer pressure

Do you know peer pressure too can turn one to be a liar? It just depend on the kind of human being you are,if you are the one that can easily be lured to do bad things,you will join your friends,that’s why they say “Bad gang corrupt good manner”

*o extort money

This is very rampart among ladies,they lie in order to extort money from guys, I have a friend who lied to her boyfriend she is pregnant and she demanded money from him for abortion. What do I do? Actually, the guy gave her the money but surely she will be caught in the act. There is this friend of mine too that was in school before but no more in school due to some reason or the other,but she tell people she is in school. I have adviced her a lot to stop this behavior but she just won’t listen. Here you will know it’s in her blood,only the grace of God can change her. There are some certain things out lying act could stop us from achieving.

For instance, People won’t be of help to you when you have high rated yourself,whereas you know deep down you are nobody but claiming to be somebody,now tell me how do you want helpers to locate you? Never! Until you change the habit of yours,let people know the real you that will really take you a long way. Stop the act of lying,it makes helper to be far from you!!! It won’t take you anything to say the truth even the Bible says “Say the truth and let it set you free” I hope you are blessed with this little piece from me.

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