The Reasons Of Lying, And How It Impacts Us

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Does it hurt when someone lies to you? Someone who you may care for deliberately disrespecting your trust. We live in a society where lying comes as a human nature and is brought on daily whether that be a daughter lying to her mother, or someone lying to their significant other. Lying is merely to control and manipulate one’s thoughts into what they want them to believe. Lying comes in a variety of different forms depending on the situations, verbal. , physical and visual. No matter the circumstances, we need to always think before we speak. “That human beings should universally possess a talent for deceiving one another shouldn’t surprise us. Researchers speculate that lying as a behavior arose not long after the emergence of language”. We all know liars and we have all experience lying within ourselves, we may lie without even recognizing it because we are so used to having it be common in our daily live. With being said, lying has become taboo in almost any culture or religion “the eighth commandment of the old testament which is the basis for both judaism and chirstans beliefs says “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor” lying is often an attempt to hide terrible a person demeanors and actions, but that doesn’t make us terrible, in one study it mentions how 90% of childer by the age of four have already been adapted to the concept of lying. “It is estimated that 60% of adults can not have a ten minute conversation without lying at least once. Within those ten minutes, an average of three lies were told. ”

Another study has shown that the more we lie the more are brain adapts to it and the easier it becomes, in the study the journal Nature Neuroscience, he presented brain scans that show how our brain’s “emotional hot spot” becomes less sensitive to the growing dishonesty. Have you lied to get out of trouble? I can raise my hand for that one. Lying to protect yourself from consequences is the number one reason most people lie. We are so afraid of the outcome of our actions we immediately consult in lying and won’t face the issue. For example, if one didn’t complete their homework that was due the next day, knowing if you didn’t do it, you may face some consequence, typicallly one would make up some evtragvent story contiaing why they where late. Another reason is to protect one’s feelings which are either good or bad. Whether that be from remaining harmony between two or flat out lying trying to hide their mistakes and lying trying to protect loved one from getting hurt. Lying in any form coming from a significant other is general heartbreaking and can cause physical pain due to the severity of their lie. In some relationships many think providing little white lies won’t hurt but most likely the truth comes out and eventually it won’t end as well as you anticipated. Cheating is an awful cause of lying and particularly the most common form or “lying” in a relationship, whether that be from as little to talking to another persons or having an entire affair while committed to someone else, but in all reality any form of lying is all over heart aching and it hard to deal with. It sometimes hard to come intact of why your partner may be devious towards you, so how do you even deal with that? A lie may not be potentially meant to hurt another person but that’s usaully always the result. Like I mentioned, some people lie as a form of self-protection. Others do so to avoid conflict, or to gain acceptance from a group. Only you can decide if any amount of lying is acceptable or not, especially when it comes to your spouse. In the article “The Complicated Truth about lying to your partner” by Psychology Today consentrates on the idea that humans develop lying abilities to control the perception of other people, we lie at our own selfish interest.

The main topic focus over how we generally lie believing everything will be okay but usually the outcome of lying is way worse than just saying the truth and ultimately worsen the relationship. As humans we tend to believe everything we say or do goes into what others may think of us and we lie to make us look better. The article added, “If I asked him why he lied to them, he said he didn’t want to hurt them. If I asked why he omitted from therapy the fact that he was seeing multiple people at once, he stated that he didn’t want to look bad”. Throughout the entire article it indicates that, no matter how small lies can be the more you continue you to do so and the bigger they get, which typically you begin to believe your own lies. People often try to justify their intention to the lie meaning whatever the lie isn’t as bad as telling the truth. “However, was that he wanted to control their perception and didn’t want to get caught doing something he knew was bad enough that he needed to lie about it. His lie wasn’t about their feelings; it was about his intention to manipulate and control. ” Social media puts a very big appearance online showing how beautiful and amazing ones relationship maybe, but that’s most likely all an act, we don’t know what truly happens behind the screen so it’s hard while we are surrounded by fake displays of couples, for example back in 2005 jennifer aniston and brad pit were a married couple who portrayed a very intimate and loving relationship until the scandal of him cheating on her with angelina jolie within their recent movie in 2004, while the whole process was occurring brad was declaring no funny business was happening, but when the truth came out, Jennifer and Brad called it quits and of course he went back to angelina. No matter the situation, lying is lying and whichever way you take it, you partner was not caring about you feelings during the time being they wanted to protect themselves without suffering consequences. Many wonder which sex contributes more to lying, thinking men would rise higher in that matter, and you are right.

In a new study it has revealed that “men are three times more likely to lie than women, with the average man tells three lies every single day. To give you more perspective, the average man tells about 1,095 lies year”. In contrast, the study found that the average woman lies only once a day. In some Statistics on Lying it shows that Who Gets Lied to the Most, which mention spouse get lied to at 69% than most. With also mention “6 lies are told daily by men to their partner, boss, or colleagues. 3 lies are told daily by women to their partner, boss, or colleagues. ” Furthermore, there are a number of reasons why we lie and through decades have adapted to become more efficient. Lying begins at such an early age and as we grow older lying becomes easier and more natural to wear are brains are pretty much hardwired to it, to where you may not even catch yourself doing so. In relationships lying plays a big part between each other, and as significant others your allowing them to be vulnerable and honest, with that being said we as a whole needs to step back and think whether this lie will affect me negatively or positively, depending on the circumstances you have the choice to initiate it or not. No matter what you will always find out that the purpose of lies is to protect oneself, to gain importance, or improve, but in reality you may think you are doing something beneficial for the time being but your not, every lie that is told will be exposed in a matter of time.


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