The Reason Why Emily Killed Homer In A Rose For Emily

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

The story starts when Emily’s father was a war veteran after he passed away the only thing that was left for Emily’s was the house.People start coming to Emily and give condolences, but Emily said to them that her father was still alive, doctors and ministers tried to convince her to give them the body she broke down and let them in. After all that Emily met Homer Barron but everyone knew that Homer likes and loves attention of other men. After that Emily went to buy poison for rats from the Pharmacy. 

After that nobody saw Homer again. Emily’s house starts to be surrounded by an unpleasant smell. Because of the respect some men in town had for Emily they used to come next to her house and sprinkle lime during midnight without her knowing, after days the smell went away.The only person who can perhaps know what is going on inside the house in Emily’s childhood Negro servant. Years later, Emily died the whole town went to her funeral. A while After her death the people in town went to her house that’s been locked up for years and break into her house After that servant let people in,then he disappeared and no one knew anything about him after.People Broke into Emily’s house and they found a food that has been locked for over 40 years they broke it down and they found the dead body of Homer. To sum up,A Rose for Emily story goes back and forth in time, there is no rose in the story the story itself is the rose. 

The narrator brings us, the readers, along the path of the story of Emily, unfolding it to us as it unfolded to the narrator.There is a certain distance created by not providing the reader with Emily’s interior; there is a certain sense of mutual trust created by the narrator talking to us.I don’t think it’s significantly different from many other first person narrative fictions.Having said that,It is a very powerful story. I think Emily was in state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship when her dad passed away. It is extremely impossible to know what Faulkner meant by a rose for Emily. The Rose was for the story but not for Emily. Maybe the people in Town thought that Emily was a Rose. We know that Emily went to buy poison for rats from the Pharmacy and we know that Homer was found dead in Emily’s house but we don’t know what really happened we don’t know if she killed him or not maybe the servant did it and Emily couldn’t say anything because he was her servant for a while. In this story multiple events happened that made me confused and over thinking.


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