The Real American Dream in “The Great Gatsby” Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Great Gatsby really portrays the real American dream because the American dream is whatever you put your mind to pursue it. For example, when the green light symbolizes Gatsby’s hope and dreams. Also, another symbol of the American dream is the Valley of Ashes, which symbolizes the bad consequences of America’s economy and wealth. These are some of the symbols F. Scott Fitzgerald to convey the illusory nature of the American dream.

Nick is the narrator but he is not the protagonist.

So he is hard to observe because he’s the one telling the story. Basically he is an unreliable narrator who doesn’t really tell the truth about what’s happening.

Especially all the things that are going on with Gatsby getting killed and shot and Myrtle Wilson’s death. So this definitely puts a toll on his mind and especially being the narrator telling the story.

Gatsby was a self-made man because he became what he wanted by going after his goals and trying to fulfill the American dream at all cost.

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He succeeded in changing the course of his life, being born into poverty, he worked his way into being financially stable.


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