The Ravenmaster’s Secret Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Ravenmaster’s Secret is one of Woodruff’s interesting books about friendship.  As what we commonly say, true friends are known during times of troubles.  This book is but just one of the many books that showcases the story of friendship in a time of war.  The Ravenmaster’s Secret is a story about love and hate relationship and a friendship bridged over war.  In this story, the author narrated the life of a young boy named Forrest Harper who lived and grew up in the middle of the Tower of London sometime in the year 1735.

In this time of trouble and as a young boy, he passed the test of friendship and courage.  Forrest has a pet raven named Tuck and at a young age, he already shows genuine care for ravens especially those who are caged.  Although Forrest lived with his family, he was lonely; and that loneliness was taken away by a friend named Rat, a local boy with whom Forrest would imagine things and scenes, and telling their fantasies.

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  They would sketch their stories and their fantasies and drew pictures of horses and dragons.  After which, another friend though initially presented as an enemy came.

In this tower, he met whom, the author referred to as his enemy, a young girl, Scottish and a prisoner named Maddy.  Forrest guards the tower along with his father to watch the prisoners.  Maddy is a daughter of a rebel and so he is an enemy. She was the prisoner and the young boy was his jailer.

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  At age eleven, both of them experienced an adventure together as they discover the tower known as a place of horrifying terror.  However, as the story progressed, they turn out to be very god friends and together they overcame terror, a horrifying challenge that could have cost their lives.

One day, a bad news arrived stating that Maddy is to be executed.  Intending to help their friend, Forrest and Rat, now named Ned devised a plan on how to free her.  Risking their lives and their loved ones as well, they pursued the plan and freed Maddy. As a young boy, this is already a huge test for Forrest who is caught between his feelings for Maddy and his desire to free him; and his allegiance to his country with whom he and his family serve.

However, believing that helping Maddy is the right thing to do; he faced the challenges and the possible consequences of his actions. The story continued as the three friends fulfill their dreams together in friendship wherein Forrest became the Ravenmaster at the tower like his father.  This is the secret world of the Ravenmaster.   The story ended showing how the children achieved their goals realizing their fantasies (Shafer, n.d.).

The book is a very nice fictional story that cultivates creativity and has strong appeal to the imagination.  Like the characters in the book, readers are also confined to their secret, fictitious world.  I special liked the book because it is a story about friendship and how friendship can survive the test of troubles especially in the eyes of the young characters.  It is amazing how the author used the characters of Maddy, Forrest and Ned (Rat) to emphasize the fictitious part of the story.

Normally children are very imaginative and fascinating fantasies that somehow have been emphasized in the story but vividly narrating a realistic lesson to the readers-friendship.  This is what the author, Elvira Woodruff achieved because although his work is basically fictitious, she never tried to romanticize the setting of the story which gave it a realistic appeal especially with the fact that the Tower of London is an important historical venue.


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