The Progressive Era in the US Essay

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

The Progressive Era was marked by numerous advances in social, political and business spheres of the American life. The period between 1890s and 1920s was the time when Americans adopted progressive ideas and methods, which had a significant impact on development of the USA. It is possible to single out a number of persons who can be regarded as symbols of the Progressive Era, symbols that contributed into development of particular areas in the US society.

For instance, Susan B. Anthony can be seen as a symbol of the movement for women’s rights. She was one of women’s rights leaders and she believed that “the coalition of clergy persons, women, and politicians” could help females gain more rights (Graves 46). Andrew Carnegie was a successful businessman who is also seen as a founder of the steel industry in the USA. Carnegie opened up new horizons in the business world and became a philanthropist who contributed greatly to development of various social projects (Gould 26). Theodore Roosevelt was an inspiring leader and politician who managed to diminish corruption in the political arena and he also contributed greatly to development of the US society as he saw “the executive power as the steward of the public welfare” (Gould 57). John R. Mott was inspirational in another sphere of Americans’ life. He was a spiritual leader who “galvanized worldwide mission, ecumenism, and evangelism” (Pope-Levison 194). Mott was a devout evangelist who managed to unite people and promote Christian values.

On balance, it is possible to state that each of the individuals mentioned above had a great effect on development of different spheres of the American society. These people’s activities were aimed at improving welfare of Americans and they managed to reach their goals as they started a new era in the country’s development.

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