The Portrayal Of Hope In The Chrysalids

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.” – Martin Luther King. Hope is portrayed throughout The Chrysalids in many ways and is the source reason for why and how the characters in John Wyndham’s book drove the story towards its happy ending. Hope is shown throughout the story of The Chrysalids constantly through many different situations and characters such as David and his telepathically communicating friends adventurous escape, the Fringes and Waknuk society’s strict intolerance for difference and determination to maintain purity, and uncle Axel. In conclusion, hope is portrayed throughout the Chrysalids in many different ways.

David’s escape from Waknuk along with his friends is where hope was at its peak. To begin with, David and his friends looked at every obstacle they encountered in their journey very optimistically which drove their hope. For example, on page 143, David has a telepathic conversation with Michael where he mentions “…you mustn’t let them get a hold of Rosalind or Petra – far better to kill them yourself that let that happen to them…”, which Petra also picks up, questioning David about this statement, and David responds with, “Hush, darling. It isn’t going to happen, because we aren’t going to let them catch us” Pg. 144. Conclusively, he solidifies that no such thing is going to happen because he his hopeful. Furthermore, hope is shown when the Sealand women first contacts Petra. To emphasize, Michael hopes that the Sealand women can really save them on time and puts down his trust towards her. Moreover, hope is represented through each of the characters several times as well. For example, Petra tells David and Rosalind that the Sealand women said “…when I grow up, I must have babies who can make strong think pictures, too”. This shows that the Sealand women is hopeful and optimistic and believes that Petra will soon be rescued, and she will be able to do these things. The Sealand women also shows hope throughout the escape by reminding the group how much longer her arrival will take, showing that she believes it will happen. In conclusion, the characters portrayed hope throughout their escape because they knew the future would be better than the present.

Hope is also portrayed throughout the novel because of the qualities of the people of Waknuk & the Fringes. Fundamentally, people of Waknuk set objectives for themselves to accomplish, which drove their hope. For example, the primary and imperative objective in the Waknuk society was to wipe out deviants. Joseph Strorm followed this by disposing everything deviational, and any irreverence, so he could live in an environment that regarded the genuine picture of god. Joseph had hope because he believed that god, The Bible, and The Repentances all trusted that the world ought to be involved individuals that complied with the genuine picture. Furthermore, hope was demonstrated throughout the Fringes too. For example, when the deviant’s departure to the Fringes, they are demonstrating hope since they trust that there is better future for them and they are at last in a situation where they are acknowledged for their identity, and their irregular features are never again taken as an irreverence. All in all, hope is shown through the different societies.

David’s uncle Axel portrays hope throughout the novel too. To begin with, he shows hope since he doesn’t pursue the strict guidelines of the administration and enables David and the others to escape from the general public instead of handing them over. To explain, he believes that there are other ways to deal with blasphemies and hopes that David and his friends successfully escape from Waknuk. Furthermore, uncle Axel dwells on the fact that the way of the people of Waknuk is foolish. For example, he says, “They think that they are the true image – but they can’t know for sure” Pg. 78 and many other statements similar to this. He hopes that in the future Waknuk society will begin to accept everyone and make a more peaceful environment. All things considered, hope is shown through uncle Axels personality.

In conclusion, hope was portrayed throughout the Chrysalids in multiple ways from David’s adventurous escape with his friends, the society of Waknuk and the Fringes, and through many characters such as Uncle Axel. All in all, the Chrysalids is a novel of hope, rather than despair. 


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