The Portraits Of The Main Characters In The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner And Life Of Pi

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

In contrast, Pi and the Mariner have different opinions regarding the values of life as a result of their actions and emotions during their times at sea. The wedding guest (yes, he is still listening to the Mariner) interrupts the story, questioning the Mariner in fear that he too is a ghost based on his ghostlike features. The Mariner insists he is not a spirit but the only person not to die. After this, the Mariner continues telling his story.

The Mariner is left alone, surrounded by death, pleading a saint to take pity on him. He questioned why all these men were killed but not the slimy creatures who were his only companions. The Mariner tried to pray but could not because he heard evil speaking in his ear. All he could do now was shut his eyes trying to avoid the horrifying scene around him.

Once again, night had fallen over the ship. The Mariner noticed water snakes illuminating the waters of the sea. Watching the snakes brought a sense of happiness to him. Not to his knowledge, the Mariner’s joy blessed the water snakes. In this moment, the Mariner as able to pray and the albatross’ body fell from his neck into the water and sank.

In conclusion, in Life of Pi and ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, the main characters both experience physical suffering as well as a connection with God, however their views regarding the value of life conflict each other. Two people facing the same situation have similar emotions however can have opposing actions, as witnessed in Life of Pi and ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’

‘The Rime if the Ancient Mariner’ is the longest poem of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s work. The poem is the captivating story of a mariner who is sharing his life story. This poem is divided into seven parts due to its length to create an easier read. In Life of Pi, Pi feels a strong trust in God during his time in the Pacific. ‘The combined shock of the solid land and cool water gave me the strength to pull myself forward onto the island. I babbled incoherent thanks to God and collapsed’ (Martel 287)

During the final portion of their time at sea, Pi and Richard Parker discover an island in the middle of the mighty waters. Pi believes God directed the two castaways in the direction of this small piece of land which would ultimately save the lives of the two and is forever grateful.


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