The Popularity and Variety of Subjects in ‘Desiree’s Baby’

February 15, 2021 by Essay Writer

Why things like Bi-racial relationships, racism, slavery and lies played a major part in story Desiree’s Baby. Being bi-racial goes all the way back into the 1600’s. Back in the slave times it was a major disc race and frowned upon for the slave owners to marry and have babies with their slaves. But it really didn’t matter if you didn’t lmow. A lot of the fair skinned blacks could pass for white if their African features wasn’t strong. My mother, they tell me I am not white. When she found out that she wasn.t white she was in fact mixed or it bothered her. To be in that situation I would never know how it would feel.To be shunned behind something you didn’t know about is harsh.

Racism has played a big part because you can clearly see that Desiree and her husband was in love. He was very happy about the baby until he found out she was indeed black. No one will ever know where this all began. And why racism began and is still ongoing. In todays society you can still see it happening. On tv, in restaurants. It was a major deal back in the 1600’s. That such owners had to shun their lovers and children over something as minor as color. Being black was more so a death wishes than a happy thing.

Racism in this story was a major problem because Her husband was confused on what to do because in fact he fell in lovewith her. But because of what people think of you. From the outside looking in her husband could have handled this situation better but failed to. Oh, Armand is the proudest father in the parish. Slavery started long before1600’s but it was recorded in the 1600’s. No one really knows the root and the cause of it. If you got caught with the opposite race you were killed, and/or your children taken. So, if it meant to shun your loved one and children to protect them that’s what a lot of owners did. A lot of lies had to be told especially with the parents of the fair skinned women because in attempts to give them better lives and keep them out of harms way they lied to a lot of them. Some was told to lie. It was her mother that finally told Desiree the truth when she asked her mother what was going on. It didn’t sit well with her and she knew then what she had to do. It takes a lot to walk away from what you love but she did that with her child. What should be taken away from this story is no matter what the issue is you should always deal with it respectfully. Some things you must just walk away from. As these dilemmas are still going on today it should show people that slavery, racism, lies, should not define anyone but define you.


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