The Plot And The Imagery In Bless Me Ultima

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

Antiono Marez is no ordinary seven year old boy. From witnessing death first hand to using magical herbs to help heal an uncle, Antonio accomplishes it all. Tony is a seven year old boy who lives in the small town of EL Puerto located in New Mexico taking place in the 1940’s. Throughout the novel of Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, the author uses Antiono’s mother and father as a way to show the conflicting desires of what they wish Antonio to become as he transitions into adulthood. But as Antonio transitions into the later stages of his childhood they struggle to decide what will be best for his future.

Because Antonio’s father is a Marez and his mother a Luna, Antonio is immediately thrown into major conflict between the Marez and the Luna family. Gabriel, Antonio’s dad pushes Antonio to become a vaquero similar to everyone else in the Marez family. He believes it is a tradition in their family to become “the vaqueros of the llano.” (Marez 6) and to be free and not to be tied down to the religions that he must follow in order to satisfy Antiono’s mother. Gabriel also describes the vaqueros as “exuberant, restless people, wandering across the oceans plain.” (Marez 6) He wants his son to be able to choose to be free and to choose his own path of life like he and his family once had the opportunity to do. Also because Antiono’s three older brothers have already left their childhood home and have ventured off to go fulfill their dream to be free, similar to the path of the Marez.

While Antiono’s mother wishes for him to become a priest. This dream of Antiono to become a priest is also shared by his uncles. Antonio is expected to follow a different path, the path of the Luna. “An education will make him a scholar, like-like the old Luna priest.” (Luna 54) Antiono’s mother, Maria has the belief that if Antonio goes to school and does well enough to get the education needed to become a priest, then that will be a step in the right direction. However, Antonio will not make any decisions yet to become neither a vanquero or a priest. This causes Antonio to develop anxiety which stems from the intermediate environment and the overwhelming pressure from his parents on what they feel is best for him to do with the remaining part of his young life.


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