The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway: A Man Can Be Destroyed But Never Defeated

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

“A man can be destroyed but never defeated”. That was what Ernest Hemingway, one of the most known writers in the twentieth century said in his extended nights at a pub. And it’s specifically the slogan of his novel The old Man and the sea. Santiago is an old aged and poor fisherman in a cheep Cuban town named Cojimar. For an extended time, for longer than he can even have an idea concerning it, he was not capable to catch a fish. He lives in a tiny house with a sandy floor and no kitchen. On a daily basis he goes out to check in his very little sail boat, and each day he returns with his hands empty. However at some point he took a choice it’s enough. He packs his boat with a number of gallons of water, his line and goes off to ocean at dusk. He plans to sail into the deep ocean to persue a large fish and catch it. Santiago shortly hooks a marlin, that initially he thinks it weights over 1,000 pounds. Then he begins an epic battle between a person and a beast, between an old man and a troublesome fish.

It isobviously an easy and heroic story, where Santiago hooks a large marlin he is unable to drag the fish into his small boat, he holds into the line for three days before taking its soul away with a harpoon after whiping the fish to his boat, Santiago goes back home together with his hard, merited won prize. However in his approach back home, sharks ate the fish and left simply the bones, and the old man returns to port as he left emptyhanded.

The old Man and the sea is not just a story concerning an old man fishing a marlin. It is a story about how a person can be destroyed, but never defeated. A man like Santiago will prefer to be killed before surrender and being defeated, who starves him self for not catching a fish during a while. Santiago is a hero not because he persued an enormous marlin and catch it, however because of he goes on the far side, affirmative it is a simple story on the surface, nevertheless a tale with a quite valuable lesson to take from and a deeper message. It talks to the universal what is man’s role in this world and the truth of his existence, where persistence, dreams, pride, respect, fuel a person in his inquiry to prosperous in the face of obstacles. It is additionally a story concerning the indomitable spirit of man, Santiago stands as a symbol of a perspective toward life, and his fight with the mighty marlin offers various lessons to all men.

A Man Is Not Created for Defeat

Santiago has nothing but a broken-down shed and an unstable small boat with a sail that is patched with flour sacks and appears just like the flag of permanent defeat. The skin of his haggard body illustrates his hardships and is marked with deeply set wrinkles, scars, and blotches from the punishing sun. And because of his terrible misfortune, he is an unfortunate person in his tiny fishing village. However whereas nearly everything concerning Santiago is old his eyes stay a similar color as the ocean and are cheerful and victorious. Rather than giving up in the after eighty four days of terrible luck, he sails farther out into the ocean.

A man continues to try and do no matter he should do to the best of his ability, regardless of what tribulations befalls him. While challenges and set backs can strip a person of all outward signs of success, still his spirit will stay victorious. For Ernest Hemingway a person should never surrender and to stay on making an attempt.

Out at sea, far beyond the other boats, Santiago is presented with the greatest challenge of his life. It comes in the sort of an eighteen-foot marlin and makes for a long battle that spans days. Close to the edge of his exhaustion, Santiago’s hand is cut deeply and cramps up “as tight because the gripped claws of an eagle.” He washes the cut within the salt water and let it dry and warm in the sun. However the hand refuses him and he is forced to work together with his right hand alone, against the powerful fish that is 2 feet longer than his own small boat. Drained, Santiago merely takes his suffering as it comes. He is comfortable but suffering, though he doesn’t admit the suffering at all.

A Man Does Not Boast

The standard of a man is best seen through his actions, and developing humility is a key ingredient in letting our actions do the talking for us. Santiago is given masses chance to boast throughout a conversation together with his young friend Manolin because his entire life spent it within the ocean, and have plenty of experiences, nonetheless he didn’t show off. From all of this, Santiago drifts faraway from the pages of this story with precisely the same thing he had once it began nearly nothing. His catch doesn’t bring him cash nor success, however it provides him with a heritage that will endure far beyond any financial gain ever could have.


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