The Novel “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain Essay

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

Account for Huck’s ability to lye his way out of scrapes

Huckleberry Finn is an interesting character who is shown to be witty and smart. Even though he has had a hard time in his childhood, he has still learned a few things on the way. A particular “talent” that he has is to lie his way out of any situation. This gives him an advantage over others. It is obvious that he uses it to own advantage but sometimes, to help others.

Huck has been communicating with the worst people imaginable. This gives him valuable knowledge of adult life. He realizes that lying can get him far. He uses it many times to deceive people. The fact that he is a great actor helps him make people believe.

Not only Huck’s lies are a negative thing, but it is also positive when he helps Jim out. This shows that life and hardships have still taught him the right thing. He also understands that morally it is not right to lie, but sometimes, there are exceptions. He finds it acceptable to lie to make a good deed and does not hesitate to do so. As he had experienced so much, he pretends really well.

More importantly, his character adjusts to the situation. He acquires the role of the liar and follows it to the end. He does it so well that people have no doubt. As he feels morally forgiven, it keeps his conscience clean. This lets him stay in the role and feel no hesitation.

His ability to lie so effectively comes from several factors. One is the knowledge of people and human character. He is well aware of his capabilities and uses them. As he has “the good” on his side, he feels no remorse. His imagination and charisma finish the package of a perfect liar.

Explain why Huck pretends to be murdered

There are many reasons why people would want to deceive others in major ways, and several things contribute. Huckleberry Finn goes as far as to fake his own murder. In doing this, he has accomplished several things. But, there were also a few reasons for his actions. His personal wants and goals were activated by the environment he was in.

His individual life was one of the causes. The relationship with his father was a shaky one and this was a plausible reason. He was afraid he would get into trouble again. By faking his death, he escapes punishment. But mostly, this was a smaller reason.

As he gets accepted into “higher” society, he realizes how difficult it is. The complications make him do things he never wanted to do. He gets tired of wearing proper clothes and having a schedule. He wants to find a way out by lying, but the type of lie must be of the needed quality. As such, he decides that by faking his murder, people will stop thinking about him.

Huck’s simulation of own death has also a socio-personal characteristic. He realizes that the society of people is not for him. Mark Twain wanted to show that some people cannot function in a “normal” society. Huck is escaping the unknown civilization but in a way, he is escaping from himself. He leaves his problems behind and finds peace by being himself.

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