The Myth about the Black Knight and Viola Essay

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

Long centuries ago, there was a kingdom which was captured by the cruel dragon. Every full moon he went out from his cave nearby the capital and did not return till the sunrise. The smoke and ashes from his fire were so strong that the lands became bad and people could not grow something on them. The famine began in the kingdom. People did not know how to get rid of the dragon from their kingdom. Several of the bravest men tried to kill the dragon but their attempts were unsuccessful, and the sufferings and troubles continued.

A beautiful young girl lived in the kingdom. She was lost in childhood and she forgot her name but people called her Viola for her beautiful big dark blue eyes. She was very poor and went to the market every morning to sell the yarn. She was considered a skilled skinner and her fame grew in the kingdom.

One day, the king of the neighboring kingdom decided to establish relations the kingdom captured by the dragon because he considered that they could trade with each other. However, he did not know how to accomplish that. That is why it was decided to choose the strongest and the bravest knight to visit the kingdom and try to talk to the dragon. He had chosen the Black Knight. The next day, the Black Knight went to the kingdom of the dragon.

When he arrived, he saw all the sufferings of the local people. They told him that the dragon devastated their own land and that people died from famine every day. The Black Knight went along the capital streets and saw the people’s troubles. At that time, Viola was on her way home from the market.

The Black Knight saw her and came to talk to her. They fall in love with each other from first sight. The Black Knight promised to save her land and returned to inform the king about the life in the neighboring kingdom. However, the king thought only about his own benefits and rejected the proposal to liberate the neighboring kingdom from the dragon.

The Black Knight had not forgotten about his promise to Viola and went to her once again. When she had known the news, she became upset and rejected his proposal to escape with him because she would never be happy until her native land was in trouble. They came up with a plan.

Till the nearest full moon, Viola had to prepare the longest yarn she could do and to make the largest net. The Black Knight had to get to the dragon’s cave when the dragon went out and to place the net to entrap him. Viola spun the net of the black color which the dragon could not see.

When the fool moon appeared in the sky, the Black Knight penetrated to the cave and placed the net. When the dragon returned, he could not see the black fibers in the dark and had fallen into a trap. He got entangled with the numerous fibers and could not get free.

In the morning people found out that they were saved. A great holiday was in the kingdom. People sang and danced because they knew that their troubles had been left behind. Everyone was happy. The Black Knight and Viola married.

It is the truth that love overcomes all obstacles.

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