The Mixture of Various Genres in Singing in the Rain

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer


The entire story of Singing in the Rain blends different elements together; it is dramatic, comedy, musical and romantic. The genre of this movie are Comedy, Musical and Romantic. The film message is to be patient and be yourself because in the best way you’re going to be rewarded.
The simplistic comedy would just make people laugh around the world by pointing out facts about it. Singin’ in the Rain makes fun of the movie industry’s ridiculous nature, specifically how it appears in Hollywood.

Singin’ in the Rain also draws out laughs from the scene that movie industry is less-than-magical-reality by throwing shade on it and criticizing it. This is called Satire, it is a sub -genre of literature and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into improvement. It is a branch of comedy that exaggerates to show how something is silly or stupid by highlighting some of the information or facts.

There is a really funny part in the film where Don says he is the best actor while filming with Lina because he pretends to enjoy the kiss while kissing Lina. There is also one more funny part where Don repeatedly keeps saying “I love you” to Lina.


Singin’ in the Rain is actually a pretty musical movie because all of those songs and epic dances bursting into song narrative motivation, al the dancing and singing in the film is outstanding, they include tap dancing, along with singing and dancing which is outrageously impressive. Even a song with a comical touch, the sing cosmo sang “Make em Laugh”. Cosmo’s facing expressions added a lot the scene showing a glimpse of his personality.

The music adds a lot to each scene and moment. The good part about the music alignment of this movie is that the music changes with every character walking in and out of the scene and also have sounds that harmonize with the characters action.

The movie started with the music that goes on throughout the entire film, making a lasting impact. which was one of the main themes. Also, the piano was a highlight. Without sounds, the scene would not be as exciting as they were. The music is used to bring both humor and comic help to the storyline. All through the entire film, some moments use music to balance what’s happening on the screen, bringing a level of comedic sarcasm.

The part where Don is singing and dancing in the rain because he’s in love, and it’s be raining. These musical numbers incorporating props that have context, like an umbrella and a streetlamp on a dark and rainy night.


Singin’ in the Rain isn’t just dancing, music and comedy. It’s also a love story between Don and Kathy that comply to the characteristics of the genre.
First, Don and Kathy are having typical filmy meet when he jumps into her car. later a misunderstanding keeps them and once Don and Kathy cleatr the misunderstanding, they start having feelings for each other. Then nefarious and wicked Lina comes in and tries to break them up by threatening Kathy about ruining her career. But conclusilvely they win, Don getting the girl, Kathy gets the guy, and get a movie deal with Monumental Pictures. With a happy ending, it ends with love.
The film came through in being music and funny and romantic. Yet there might have been more details about how Don and Kathy’s loving relationship came to be. But, it was very entertaining and funny. There is also a part where it is Don’s day dream, it’s hard to follow because of all the different things that are happening and going on.


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