The Main Settings And Themes In Farewell To Manzanar

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

So one of the settings is the internment camp, it was named Manzanar. The camp’s ground has sand all over the place and you would see a lot of little houses. At the end of the houses named blocks you would see a mountain. When it is night time it gets very cold and the sand would blow and would block the person’s view. Also in the morning you would see kids running or sometimes people wearing white robes. You would always see barbed wires and people standing with guns aiming at the camp not outside to protect but to shoot people if they do something wrong.

The second setting is the Mess Hall, it is in the middle of the whole camp. You would maybe see a lot of people and talking while sitting. Also eating their food and you would smell cold food sitting on a counter. And might hear the people talking about life and what to do. You might see chiefs and soldiers standing watching them eat their food. Also you might be able to see through the window or you might be able to see the sky from the holes in the ceiling. Through the window you will see a American Flag and also some block.

Major Сharacter

So the main character is Jeanne she is a Japanese girl who was taken to an internment camp. She is a very kind and loves her family and in the endish she wanted to be Catholic and be baptized. Jeanne loved to dance and that she is very hyper. She loves to go on hikes on the mountain since papa would go with her hiking. And she really liked art and music. It didn’t really describe her but I could infer that she would wear a lot of jackets. I think she had learned a lot of things in the camp such as surviving there.


The two characters I chose was mana and papa. So mama is very quiet and works very hard to keep the family stable. While she is doing that papa is mostly outdoors or maybe sipping on adult beverages and not doing a lot of productive things. Papa wears the sweater that mama made him before World War 2. Mama take care of the children and sometimes papa. Papa would sometimes go hiking with Jeanne.


The conflict is the war and about racism, so the war made the Japanese look bad. And that it made people think that they are bad people and that they are treated unfairly. And even if they look Japanese they get sent to the camp. Also that they impacted them in a negative way.

So first her family is put into an internment camp they where there by bus. They had to set up their bed and they had to take a lot of responsibility. The kid thought it was a place to place and have fun so they did that and ran around the camp. And they were pretty bored and they were broke. So papa was getting drunk by sipping on rice wine. Now they have other things to worry about like the war and what to do. So it end by the war ending and that they were free. They leave the camp and live a normal life for in forever. And that they don’t need to be etch every second of their life. That is just very weird to be watched every second.


I think that the resolution is when the war ended. And that the people are free but still not love as much. Because they are still Japanese so they don’t get treated well like when it was the time of slavery and that the African Americans were not treated well.


I think the theme could be a lot of different answers but I think it that they are in an internment camp. Jeanne wants us to learn what is like to live in a camp with very little things to work with. And that you need to be very grateful for what you have. Because if you don’t you wouldn’t live a very good life.

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