The Main Ideas And Literature Techniques In Old Man And The Sea

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The Old Man and the Sea is written by Ernest Hemingway in Cuba. It’s a novel. It was a last major work novel to be created by Hemingway and this novel famous work of his life time experience. It is a point and based of attraction for Santiago. He is a old fisherman who struggle who struggle for catching to marlin fish. It is a simple story about a fisherman Santiago and his battle with a large marlin fish. For 84 days Santiago does not catch a single fish but he does not feel depressed. He goes for out into the sea and hooks a large marlin fish. A extreme struggle occur in which Santiago control to kill fish and they keep lot of struggle into bout. The old man he has to fight a more struggle with some dangerous large sharks and that sharks which eat up the marlin. That sharks leaved only the Skelton. The old man brings it home and lays on bed and to dream. The old man almost tired and exhaustion. But his struggle wins him much respect.

Generation gap

Old Man and the Sea written by Hemingway published in 1952. In this novel Santiago was main character. Santiago as old man and his journey to 84 days. He we see to generation gap and old man struggle life. He was a fisher man and one young boy mandolin was his friend old man is the best possible and perfect idea to mandolin. Old man educate to mandolin by activity an legal process not by dispute.

Hemingway contribute ideas about generation gap and old man was not feeling well physical not intelligence. He goes to travel to morning at mid night in the novel we see that Santiago went to sea and he caught one big marlin fish but at that time sharks come and old man was hard try to sharks. Here we see that old man was not healthy. He was not feeling well and his body not working to well. He was should not work on that time. He was thought about his young day. How he fights with Negro person to win and his life ability of that. He involve into won. In that time we see that Santiago chase away to sharks at his old tools and rush them. Hemingway do most of struggles to catching the marlin fish.

Human ethic

Human will be soggy after its want cannot be satisfied then feel depression. The knowledge of human creates human to move to the next stage ethical. Human will think to tolerate the honesty of its self and others, and select good or bad things before human does something. Human can form the ethics as the maturity of human life. In the Old Man and the Sea, Santiago leap out to ethical theater life which transfer in the story od Santiago leap out to ethical stage which transfer in the story of Santiago’s existing time. Extremely evidence proves that Santiago appreciate that he want help from other but he does not manoline arrive problem because he refuse to conform his parents as represent in the novel I go with can be with you again. The boy said no the old man said. You are with a lucky boat. Stay with them. Even though, a lot fisherman offend to him. Santiago hold back his emotion and just be silent. He proves that he is a intelligent fisherman. Santiago is also have a liking of his marline fish. He is already considers the large wish was like his brother. Because of diligent against fellow active being created him feel worried as state in the novel I wish I could feed the fish he thought. He is my brother You didn’t killed the fish for your whole life and sell to for food . He thinks you killed him for self sufficient because you are a fisherman. You desired him When you are a fisherman. You desired him when he was alive and you desired him after.

Critical analysis

In this novel we find the very initial stage that character produced their living places introduced and some of the background about characters is introduced and very initial stage we find Santiago and boy mandolin and description about them.

In the next stage that the event of his expedition when he goes into on the way very first day of his fishing 85th day when he become in successful from last 84 days idol when he started on the 85th date. So we are considering this 85th day as the first and then we have his expedition very he fishes and he catches the marlin in the afternoon and it is struggle marlin shown.

On the next day that is the second day and he struggles the whole day and whole night he could not sleep in the night on the third on the second day and on the same thing happens. There we find his struggle with sharks his battle with sharks.

on the third day of that the old man are killed the marlin with the his weapon harpoon. The marlin blood Spreads in the water and the sharks attracts than marlin blood. He kills some sharks and on the night and that group of sharks came to his skiff and all these sharks take away the very flesh of that marlin.

Next day that is fourth day he reaches to his net you placed or at his hut and he is fully tired. He is completely tired and he got fatty the boy just he goes there and sleeps and after sometime the boy comes there and boy console see and that fellow fisherman and other people gathers around his skiff and they saw that how big fish he fished. There in the sea and someone measures that really measures of marlin and he finds that the marlin is measured 18 feet large. So they find that how big that marlin.

Major themes

  • The major themes in this novel first is struggle for life and honor This novel is about the struggle of human being and also it is about the honor of it you are human being. Santiago who says about the honor and the struggle of man. So this is “man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeat.”
  • The second theme is that life and death this struggle of Santiago is for honor and life so life is significant here he goes to fish to survived in this crude world. He has to kill someone he has to kill marlin. He respected marlin but for his life. He has to kill the marlin. This is the very significant theme. Santiago said his own words he says “Because I love you I have to kill you.
  • The third theme is that defeat and triumph the struggle of Santiago with marlin or even know he is successful to in catching that fish he is successfully fishing the marlin but when he battles with shark we find that shark defeat him. All the sharks are attacked him on marlin and they have taken away the flesh. That Santiago has a very bad feeling they are the sea but he cannot do anything or to do those shark but he determines to fight with sharks and he kills some of the sharks. but at the night many sharks can back .just they cover on the flesh of that marlin. He’s defeated by sharks in a way and when he reaches to his hut and when other fellow fisherman find that he has fished a big marlin fish. This is prime now he doe bring that skeleton. He self-respect is preserved in that act in that action which is carried out in the sea so this is a defeat also and a typhoon derives also.
  • The fourth theme is that self-respect & pride the others fisherman have teased him and somehow got him unlucky. He wanted to show them the strength and he wanted to show his power he wanted to prove himself. He is though hi is old but he can fish and he can catch a very big wish. So they advice is respect and the very honor.
  • The fifth theme is that human endurance and resolve Santiago is very persistent in the fighting with sharks and in the struggle of marlin and thought many shots destroyed his marlin or they mutilated the marlin still he has a resolve or still determined to fight the sharks team kill some of the sharks at the end. He defeated but there is a great resolve in his action. There is great human endure in this action.

Symbol and imagery

There are so many symbols used in the novel.

When we think about old man sea. So there is great similarity between the life of Hemingway itself and the life of Santiago. So it is a allegory because many events for example-

The struggle of Santiago matches with the struggle of Hemingway similarity between Santiago life and Hemingway’s life and hence it is called as the allegory.

  • Now first we have the some of the symbols here the will be first symbol is that Marlin represent the strength and power when the way first look the marlin on the sea. He thinks that how big fish and how powerful fish. So it represents their strength and the very power.
  • That Santiago man who talks about lions they Santiago dreams about lions and dreams in the desert of Africa or on the beaches of Africa. This represent the very youthful days and playful days of Santiago.
  • Symbol of boy or that mandolin. Mandolin also represents the very youthful days or childhood days of Santiago.
  • Very significant symbol of sea. Sea represents the life force it represents the life giver and that the sea. There is no one and Santiago is alone so it also symbolizes the isolation.
  • Sharks are the darker side of life they are the enemy of life and they represents the destructive force.
  • Joe DiMaggio is the discussion point of Santiago and mandolin. Constantly Santiago talks about this joe DiMaggio and joe DiMaggio represents the very innovative of human speed the inspiration motivation of Santiago.
  • Santiago who is the symbol of self respect, pride or honor, and very human struggles and he is the symbol of resolve is symbol of determination.

The Imagery

Hemingway has use crucifixion the imaging of crucifixion that when Santiago returns to his home on who is hurt and he lays on the bed and the waving of this bed or the status of that Santiago his pumps are upward and his hand are spectrum shows that image of Jesus Christ on the crucifixion on the cross.

Christian Imagery for example- When he kills the marlin the blood spreads into that sea.

Hemingway uses dialogues and that dialogues have bring about the very real scene or the reality in the event of this novel and that they are internal monologue when Santiago goes on the expedition of fishing he talks to himself.


Hemingway language in the Old Man and the Sea is simple and very easy in natural on the internal, but purposeful and artificial the language is very rare emotional rather, it controls emotions. It is hold them it is very unique.

All of the symbols working by Hemingway. They are add to the essential theme that life is and endless struggle with imaginary rewards. In command to addition nobility in life, a person must show bravery and fearless, confidence, fortitude, humility, intelligence during the struggle. Therefore even if the prize is lost. The person has to do achieve the goal by the struggle and won the battle by struggle. They are trying to him self able to perform maintaining mercy and charm under the pressure the last and final test of human race.


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