The Literary Analysis of The Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

Do you think friendship should be valued over personal desires? In The Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas, friendship wins. The story is about two kids, Tony and Felix, who both want to be boxers. They have the chance to go forth and be even better, but have to fight each other for it. I think friendship is an arrow. It points you in directions, either good or bad. You should follow it, wherever it goes. If it strays from a good path, it’s up to you to right it or that friendship will be lost forever. I think this because friends argue, and fight. But they are friends, and they have affection for one another.

The announcement that Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas were to fight tore the boys apart. Both of them were being pulled in two directions. They both decided it was fight till the dawn, no hesitation. But even then, both of them felt doubtful about the aftermath. They didn’t want to end the friendship, but glory was beckoning them to it. “After all, fighting was like any other profession. Friendship had nothing to do with it.” This quote reveals that the boys are attempting to shade the fact they have to fight each other. It’s brothers vs. their dreams. They just wanted was to achieve their dreams, together, not against each other. To summarize, the competition was a sly, sneaky thought that just slivered into the boys’ minds.

Also, the boys had a talk with each other about the fight. They wanted clear clarification. No ‘I want to make it look cool with a side-punch or a knockout’ or anything like that. “He prayed for victory via a quick, clean knockout.”. “It’s fair, Tony. When we get into the ring, it’s gotta be like we never met. We gotta be like two heavy strangers that want the same thing, and only one can have it. You understand, don’tcha?”. These quotes tell us that the boys are trying to fairly win and not make a decision they regret. So they agree to let their competition life and friendship not mix, but easier said than done. Tony and Felix really, really value their friendship.

The boys realized they had gone too far and halted immediately. The Amigo Brothers stopped their fighting in the name of friendship.They both wanted glory so much, but they realized one thing…friendship, strong friendship has an arrow. And it was pulling them in the wrong direction. It was time to turn it up around again. “Arm in arm, the champions had already left the ring.”. This quote displays the undying loyalty of Tony and Felix. They left the fighting ring for selfless reasons. Through all of this, they pushed aside irrelevant things and embraced their friendship. I think friendship is an arrow. It points you in directions, either good or bad. It is up to you to turn it around and save your friendship In this book, it points Tony and Felix in a bad direction of selfish desires. But they turn the arrow around. In absolute conclusion, we should trust our friendships. Our strong friendships. They help us get through the bad, and into the good.


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