The Literary Analysis of Poetry and Fictional Works

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

There were both similarity and difference between Don Quixote and King Arthur. The similarity was they both had roles which made them noble. Both of them wanted the best for those around them. Before acquiring a position of knight Don Quixote was a normal man and same was in the case King Arthur, he was an ordinary person. From this we can understand they both came from a same background. However, in the story Don Quixote is no longer savior as he is prone to attack anybody who makes him feel threatened. He may notice as gullible to the readers when don Quixote saves a child from his master and the master promises that he will never again mistreat the child. He also commits robbery stealing the basin of a barber believing it was the mythical helmet of Mambrino. And stealing is not what a noble would do.

What made a difference in King Arthur was that his goal was to make his people happy. Even when he experienced conflict with Mordred, he did not attack but decided to create a peace treaty. But if King Arthur was to be like Don Quixote, he would have attacked his enemy not thinking about the after effects and the sacrifices that would have to be made, believing he was a threat to his safety.

By adopting the figurative language, the poet undoubtedly serves the idea of emotion for the readers to understand the meaning of devotion which we have gone carefully through this academic semester. Focusing on, Robert Burns, in ‘A Red, Red Rose,’ to show how strong his love is to his readers, he utilizes figurative language. A simile is used here to describe his feeling when he says’ O my Luve is like a red, red rose,’ comparing his love with a red rose. Some lines like ’Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear, And the rocks melt wi’ the sun,’ used is a hyperbole, where the sea drying up and the stones melting in the sun is undoubtedly something that is impossible, but it is stated here to show the love is that strong.

The speaker in ‘Sonnet 43’ says that she would even more love her beloved if it was ever possible. It gives an idea to the readers that her love is everlasting and will not die even when she dies. An eternal love is what the reader understands when in the poem she says ‘I shall love thee better after death.’ By no means there are restrictions of nature for her to stop her from loving her beloved making her love for him immortal. Some alliterations like thee, candle-light are used in the poem. To describe her feelings to her beloved, the speaker uses a great amount of figurative language. The simile is also used here when she says ‘I love thee freely, as men strive for right’, because she compares the freedom of love without restriction with natural impulse to ‘strive for right’.

In the stories ‘Eveline’ and ‘through the tunnel’, both Eveline and jerry faces internal conflicts which make them alike. In ‘Eveline’, Eveline is unsure if she has to stay with her family or run away with her love Frank. Whereas in ‘Through the Tunnel’ jerry feels he should prove himself that he is capable as the other boys. In ‘Eveline’ the challenges she had to face was the choices she had to make in her life. She had to decide whether to run away with her love frank or to stick with her family. She had promised her mother that she would take care of her family and keep the family together and she feels she should keep the word. The turning point in the story ‘Eveline’ is when she reaches the train station, she recollects the memories of her mother when she hears the organ music. There in the train station she holds on to the bars showing no affection nor attention. She was horrified thinking of what the future was for her, which made her stay with her horrific father. The theme of the story we see here is responsibility, decisions, conflict.

While in the story ‘Through the Tunnel’, the challenge Jerry faces is to swim through the tunnel. What made him challenge himself were the local boys. He thought that if the local boys could swim, he could equally do. He trained himself every day to hold his breath for a long period of time, so he could swim through the tunnel. He suffered many nose bleedings during the training period, which doubts the readers that he might harm his health. The turning point in this story is when, even while he thinks he is unable to reach his goal, he achieves his challenge by swimming through the tunnel. Here, the theme is individualism, growing up, Pride and courage. He showed the to swim through the tunnel though he was not so sure about it.


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