The Lightning Thief

June 17, 2020 by Essay Writer

Percy Jackson the main character in The Lightning Thief,who is the son of Poseidon. Perseus Jackson a low esteemed person who,has Dyslexia and (ADHD); has been kicked out of of a boarding school…. again. When he got back,his mother suprised him with a vacation to Montauk,once he got there he was shocked to find Grover later on that evening knocking on his door. Grover is Percy’s best friend from the Yancy Academy (he also is a satyr and Percy’s protector).

He told his mother its time that Percy goes camp.

As they were driving along getting closer to there destination,his mother was explaining what was going on. Percy Jackson is a demigod,a person who is half human and half god. A couple of miles away they ran into trouble. A Minatour attacked him and took his mother but somehow killed the Minatour and took his horn. Percy barley got away and woke and woke up in Camp Half-Blood.

Camp Half-Blood is a safe place for demigods like Percy;it’s a place to train. On the second day there he started on training he played a game of capture the flag when Are’s kid’s attacked him.

Percy was wounded but magically healed himself after steeping into the water and Poseidon (god of the sea) claimed his child. A trident rose above his head. Percy then found out what was happening with the gods . It was between his father Poseidon and, uncle Zues and his other uncle hades whi is the god of the underworld. Zues Master Bolt has been stolen and Percy is to blame. If the bolt isn’t returned back to Zues by the summer solostice,a war between the gods will commendcausing, World War.

Chiron (a Centaurs and a trainer of hereos),believe’s that Hades took the bolt and sends,Percy, Annabeth and,Grover on a quest. Percy goes on the quest with Grover and his new friend Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena. Percy only has ten days to travel west to Los Angeles to get to the Underworld and return the bolt to Zues. Before he goes on his journey Luke gives Percy a pair of magic flying shoes to use on his expedition,but he told Grover to wear them instead.

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