The Life and Achievements of Elon Reeve Musk, the Iron Man

October 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Johannesburg which is the biggest city in South Africa is hometown to Thato. Thato is a well-built, broad-shouldered and muscular boy. He is also very confident. Thato believes that asking questions is very important but the most difficult task is to find out which question to ask. He knew at an early age that it is necessary to ask the right questions if you want the right answers. That was not very hard for Thato. He had many questions. The right ones. The kind of questions he would ask took everyone by surprise. It was questions that not even a grown-up could think of. Once, when he was four years old he said: “Dad, where is the whole world?”

That day his father’s doubt was confirmed. Thato was very different from the other boys. At school, Thato’s different nature was not very appreciated. He was the youngest kid in his grade and was bullied by a gang all the time. He was always the victim. So, one-day Thato got enough of it and started spending time with his books instead. He would read anything he could find. Sometimes even books he was too young for but he knew that the only way he could find out the meaning of life was through books.

Thato had many other hobbies too. The next one would become learning about computers. He just needed to convince his father to buy one for him. So, Thato begged his father until he agreed. Thato was 10 when he got his first computer and he stayed up three nights in a row to learn everything there was to learn about a computer. And just a few years later Thato had programmed his first game and was ready to sell it. It was called “Blaster” where you had to destroy the enemies with the help of spaceships.

Now that Thato had created a game, he thought he was ready to start his own business. He spoke to his brother about it and he agreed to help him. There was only one small problem. No one would let them as they were too young to sign a contract. Thato knew that if he wanted to change the world he had to go to the United States. He had heard this was the place where all dreams come true.

By asking the right questions, Thato knew what would be of most importance to the future human beings. Thato figured it out that it was three things: Internet, space travel, and energy. Now he just had to get to the United States so he could start working on them. Thato’s father was not ready to help him with the money for the college in the United States. He would say: “Why can’t you study here in South Africa, son?” But Thato was determined. If his parents were not going to help him, Thato decided to make his dream come true on his own. He worked hard and got a scholarship in the United States. Here he got a degree in physics and economics.

Now was the time when Thato’s true test began and he was not planning to fail. He decided to start a company but while he was away on vacations, someone fired him. But as I said, Thato was very ambitious and he was not planning to fail. He was aiming higher. He wanted to send mice or plants to Mars. And he was not going to rest until he succeeded in his mission. So he started to work on that. Soon, his first spacecraft was created and he decided to call one of his earliest spacecraft’s “Puff the Magic Dragon” because no one believed he could do it. His next move was to build an electric car and he started helping out a company called Tesla to develop its first car the “Roadster”.

Thato continues relentlessly to work on his mission to answering the right questions. He does that by building space rockets, electric cars and learning about robots. He wants to ensure that everyone can travel to Mars one day. This is why some people call him the Iron Man. Thato’s real name is Elon Reeve Musk and he is a true inspiration for everyone who is looking for the right answers. As for Elon Reeve Musk, he still has a lot of work to do. His goal is to make the world a better place by changing one thing at a time.

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