The Lack Of Equality For Black Minorities In America

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

In society, today the Law is made by people in power. By having these people make our laws, they make them more suited to people of higher status in society and are steered away from the minorities. The law is made by people in power who is ignorant and ignore the needs of the black minorities in America, but as time goes on these starts to change, which is seen in our society today and in the past.

The black minority is unfairly treated in society today. This can be seen throughout America, specifically the police force. an article from the Boston University School of Medicine claimed that “Even controlling for rates of arrest, the researchers found a strong association between the racial disparity in unarmed fatal police shootings. ” this shows how the black minority is unfairly treated by the police force and shows how the law does not protect them from these types of events that happen throughout America. There is a great example of how the law protects those higher up in the society that has money and power. Most of the unarmed shootings against black minorities are those in poverty and don’t have much money and poor living conditions. The people who make the law ignore the needs of these people and don’t make an effort to improve their living conditions or improve the laws for police brutality, which ties into how the people of higher societies abuse their power against the black minorities.

The people higher up in society have shown that they abuse their power when creating laws that “help” the black minorities when the law only benefits those high up in society. This is clearly seen in the past as the Jim Crow Laws, that were made to separate the African Americans from the Whites. The legal principle of this law was “to be separate, but equal. ” But this law was used against the Black minorities. The government did not properly fund facilities for the black minorities and the facilities were greatly inferior compared to the facilities for white Americans. The Jim Crow Laws have given many disadvantages for the black minorities, such as economic, educational, and social disadvantages for them. The abuse of power against the black minorities in the present day would be how the people are treated throughout society. Many African Americans face discrimination every day, no matter where they are; such as their workplace, public, and school. In the article “Growing up black in America: here’s my story of everyday racism” by Brian Jones, he states that when he was growing up he faced discrimination all throughout his life, and during his high school years he one day wore black wristbands to protest for the black lives movement, and by doing participating in this his teachers ridiculed him for wearing the bands. This shows how white Americans abuse their power in the way of discrimination. But discrimination against black minorities is starting to slowly change throughout the United States.

In the United States, discrimination against black minorities is starting to change as they stand up. This can be seen in many different ways, such as protests, rallies, and kneeling during a football game for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. In the past, we see change through the abolishment of slavery, and through historical figures fighting for the rights and freedom for the black minorities. These figures are Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. When Malcolm X was fighting for change he stated “I am not a racist. I am against every form of racism and segregation, every form of discrimination. I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color. ” which shows how that everyone in the United States should be treated as equals no matter what they believe in or where they come from. Some similar things we see like thing in the present day are the people standing up against police brutality. Some of these people are those we look up too. For example, the rapper Kendrick Lamar has made a song called “Alright” which touches about police brutality against the black minorities. This shows how there can be change. And people are trying to make this change for equality and to stop discrimination against others no matter who they are.

In conclusion, black minorities were treated very badly. In the past, the lawmakers bent the law to favor the white American and detriment the African American and abused this power. In the present day, many people of the black minority are being mistreated and killed by the police while the government does nothing to help. But things can and are going to change as people continue to fight for equality through protest, and movements and all it takes is time.


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