The Knight and the Prologue of the Canterbury Tales Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Prologue in Chaucer’s CANTERBURY TALES is unique in the manner in which it introduces its unique cast of characters. Lines 43 to 80 are among the more interesting parts of the Prologue.

Lines 43 – 44 The tale starts with the Knight and he was a worthy man

Lines 45 – 46 From his earliest days he embodied chivalry

Lines 47 – 48 He served his lord well in many wars.

Lines 48 – 49 Much of the combat he saw was in the Crusades

Lines 50 – 51 He fought a huge battle in Alexandria

Lines 52 – 53 He fought in Latvia, Prussia and Russia

Lines 54 – 55 His alliances were with powerful forces

Lines 55 -56 He was a powerful and honored warrior and even fought in Grenada

Lines 56 – 57 He fought in strange lands such as Algiers among others

Lines 58 – 60 Not only were his successes on land, but also on the high seas

Lines 61 -62 he fought fifteen battles in the Crusades

Lines 63 – 64 He slew all who he faced

Lines 65 -66 Allying with another nation to defeat the Turks

Lines 67 -68 He amassed great fame, but he was not an egoist

Lines 69 – 70 He was an honest man who always remained humble.

Lines 71 – 72 He never said a foul word not acted without virtue

Lines 72 -73 He was a great man, but not without personal problems

Lines 74 – 75 he had a great team of horses, but was not happy and wore a frown.

Lines 75 – 76 It was impossible for him to hide his feelings.

Lines 77 – 78 Deciding he needed a vacation, he opted to tale a pilgrimage

Lines 79 – 80 Taking his son with him, a lustful free spirit.

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