The Junk Box by Edgar Guest Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

The message that I understood after reading the poem “The Junk Box” by Edgar Guest was that all men are good for something.  I felt that the poet was trying to relay the caring message that just because we might not need someone at a certain time, we shouldn’t just dispose of them.  There are instances when we need a shoulder to cry on and there may be that one person that you feel will be there for you and you could call on them to say I need you.

  If we had previously tossed that special person out of our lives, it would be next to impossible to have them come that close in order for you to cry on their shoulder.

            Edgar Guest communicated his poem through rhyme.  Every last word of his sentences sounded like the other in rhyme form, earth, birth and worth.

                                       “A human junk box is this earth,

                                        and into it we’re tossed at birth,

                                        to wait the day we’ll be of worth.

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”  (The Junk Box; Edgar Guest)

            I felt that the poet was extremely effective in delivering his message.  He was very clear in his writing and I got the message, immediately.  It seemed like a simple poem, but one that had so much information and meaning that even a child could understand the message he conveyed.  I will probably never forget this sweet poem because of its simplicity and because I sincerely did agree with the poet, Edgar Guest that people are always worth keeping and not tossing away, even if we don’t realize that we need them  at a certain the time!


(The Junk Box by Edgar Guest)


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